KIAVA Clothing LineRecently, after purchasing and racing in a new-to-me brand of running skirts, I inquired about trying more of their products.  For months I had seen the giveaway posts on their Facebook page and finally I took time to head over and check out their products and prices.  They are a small company with a small stock of items, running skirts (with gripper shorts), endurance bras, tanks and other items.  I was intrigued by the small inventory they seemed to carry which in the grand scheme of things, helps us the consumer in the long run.  I wanted to try the endurance bra, which to me looked like a strappy puzzle piece in the back and certain to keep me supported as I ran for training runs and races.

KIAVA Clothing Endurance BraThe Endurance Bra FrontThe Endurance Bra – “Maximum Support for High Impact Activites” as they aptly describe it on their website is not lacking in support or comfort.  Though it is a little bit of extra effort to get it on, once you have it on you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about it for the rest of your workout.  Since it is so hard for me to find a great support bra and I get so ANNOYED with all the over priced sports bras that are pushed on larger breasted women that make huge promises of support and comfort but end up giving you a less than flattering look, not to mention lack of full support.  I had none of those issues with the KIAVA Clothing Endurance Bra.  I have worn this bra no less than 5 times since I received it (that’s a lot of washing and drying too) and it has withstood everything I have thrown at it.  At just $34 each, The Endurance Bra which is available currently in 7 colors, is certainly worth every penny and I will be adding more to my runner closet!

Moms Finish Line Photo2014 Doggie Dash FinishThe Petal Skort – The Endurance Bra was not all I tried from their line of products.  As I stated earlier, I had recently purchased their Petal Skort which is so flattering and comfortable.  It includes those handy-dandy grippers on the shorts that we all love from the higher priced brands without all the extra cost to us.  The fabric is very moveable and I never had to worry about or fool with my skirt or the shorts during even my Georgia Half Marathon and our local Doggie Dash 5K race that I wore the skirt to in March.  At just $46 each, The Petal Skort is also worth every penny and it is currently available in 5 colors and made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

I love that these products feel like they are going to last for more than just a season of training.  It’s so hard, in my experience, to find products that remain in performance shape for the long haul of distance running.  As for the current running skirts and bras in my runner closet from “other brands”, those will be replaced soon with these quality products that offer me much more comfort as I train my way back to injury free running this year.

So go checkout KIAVA Clothing’s line of products and don’t forget to follow them on social media for their giveaways for your chance to win a product to try for yourself!

And hey, when they ask, tell them Tammy from gingermantra sent ya!

**Product logo and stock images in this blog were used with the written permission of the KIAVA Clothing brand**

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    1. I would say that their items are true to size. I also would say that they fit perfectly comfortable all over, never feel binding (no muffin tops) and no riding up mid-run as some other brands do even with grippers (In my opinion).

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