Kona Kase ReviewWhat is a Kona Kase?  – You’ve seen all the pop up companies (or maybe you haven’t) that offer a monthly subscription service to receive a small box of products to try that may be new to the market or that may not be available in stores  yet for you to try.  Kona Kase is just one of those subscription box services.

Where do you get Kona Kase? – Kona Kase is available for subscription through their website for just $15 per month and they also offer multi-month discounts for those that sign up for longer durations.

When do you receive your Kona Kase? – You receive your Kona Kase once per month delivered by your standard mail carrier.  It is generally delivered early to mid-month depending on when the monthly Kona Kase is ready to be shipped.

What kind of products are in the Kona Kase?

Well this question deserves a little more detailed information.  I received the July Kona Kase on the 19th of July and here is what products were in it –

July Kona Kase Review


Perky Jerky – After recently reviewing the Perky Jerky line of products and finishing off almost all of the products they sent me I was more than excited to see one more little sample pack in the box for me to enjoy in the upcoming week.  No MSG, nitrites or preservatives, Perky Jerky will be in my pantry for good!  Please see my detailed review of Perky Jerky for more details on their line of products.

Enjoy Life – A great afternoon snack pick-me-up loaded with salty and sweet flavors.  The Enjoy Life Seeds & Fruit Mix reminded me of a great just enough trail mix blend which includes sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and dried fruit.  This product states that it is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan and free of the top 8 Allergens contained in other brands of trail mix.  You can receive 15% off your order from their website and enter KONA15 at checkout.

Pro Bar – Bolt Organic Chews from Pro Bar are one of my husbands favorite snacks.  Packed with antioxidants, electrolytes, B Vitamins and complex carbohydrates, these little chews are a great mid-run gel or sport bean alternative.  I love the orange flavor, but they are available in four flavors, Berry Blast, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry.  You can try these for yourself at www.probarvip.com and enter code Kona13 at checkout for 40% off your order.

Health Warrior – Healthy Warrior Chia Bar in Acai Berry was packed with surprisingly awesome flavor.  It has 1000 mg of Omega-3, 4 g of Fiber and 3 g of Protein with just 100 calories.  Admittedly, I generally shy away from Chia Seed products because I don’t like the texture, but this little bar was a nice surprise.  I will be looking for these little snack bars in my local natural food stores for sure!

Caveman Cookies – I was given the opportunity to try Caveman Cookies a few months back by my friend Shannon who was, at that time, just beginning her Paleo journey.  I loved that these cookies still had a fresh flavorful cookie taste without all the junk.  Created with simple ingredients, Caveman Cookies are a gluten-free, grain-free, diary-free and preservative-free post workout treat.  You can visit their website to learn more about Caveman Cookies and enter KONA at checkout for 15% off your order.  The Original is my favorite so far.

Garuka Bars – Ummm, YUM!  Garuka Bars a/k/a tasty flavors of a PAYDAY without all the guilt!  I LOVE THIS BAR even though I was very apprehensive to try it.  Filled with dried cranberries, peanut butter spread, whole grain flakes, peanuts and brown rice flakes, just to name a few ingredients . . . this sweet little bar of goodness was awesome!  Though one bar packs in 260 calories, it also has a lot of sugar but I found it worth the splurge to try!  You can checkout Garuka Bars on their website and enter KONAKASE for 10% off your order.

Barbara Llewellyn Granola – From the kitchen of California caterer, Barbara Llewellyn, this granola contains rolled oats, sliced almonds, sesame and pumpkin seeds and is then honey sweetened and spiced.  You can order this granola breakfast snack by emailing info@barbarallewellyn.com.

Body Glove Surge Gel – I am not a gel person, so I was unwilling to give this product a try.  I share this because I believe in honest posting.  Here is the information that was provided for this product.  “Each gel contains 150 mg of caffeine for sustained natural energy and is incredibly easy to use whether you are in the water, on a bike or on a run.  These gels are available for $28.70 per box of 12 by visiting their website and using code KONA for 50% off and free shipping.”

Kona Kase also includes a little inspiration in their Kase.  Here is the July inspirational quote from Arthur Ashe –

Kona Kase Arthur Ashe Quote

Interested in trying Kona Kase for yourself?  Right now Kona Kase is offering $5 off  your first Kase with code GIFTSUMMER at checkout to try it for yourself.  Visit their website and give the service a try for yourself.  The products you receive are, in my opinion, worth more monetarily than the amount they charge for the service which I believe is a WIN-WIN for the recipients.  I loved my July Kona Kase and look forward to future months of trying new up-n-coming products.

** Disclaimer – I was sent products from Kona Kase in return for this blog post. While I was compensated with product, all opinions and suggestions are my own. – Tammy Means

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  1. I LOVEDDDDDD the Garuka Bars! It reminded me of a pb and jelly sandwich for some strange reason haha. I’m also not a big chia fan but I liked the healthy warrior bar!

  2. YES PERKY JERKY! 😉 that’s how I discovered them, through buly (another subscription box)

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