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 Koss Fit Series – Designed for Women. By Women – Available in FitBuds or FitClips

Starting 2014 and fulfilling the need for new gear are often a bit overwhelming, especially if you have worn out all of your gear the previous year because you were just so active!  I ran my gear into the ground in 2013, some of it quite literally.  From worn out running shoes to running clothes that have some new war wounds from excess use through the training and racing season.  The one thing for me that I truly must have in perfect performance condition, besides my body and mind of course, are my headphones.  I hate to start a run and all I am thinking about his how much I hate the headphones that I am running with or working out with.  I get really annoyed when rain or excess sweat begin to interfere with their clarity and functionality, sometimes to the point that I just found the nearest garbage can and just tossed them in.  I have had them start to short out, one ear randomly works for a few songs and then cuts out or, for me, one of the other annoying things, sound interruption from impact or movement.

So needless to say, when I got the opportunity to work with Koss Headphones I jumped right on it!  A company that has teamed-up with Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Torres to create the world’s first headphones designed specifically for women, by women.  That’s a win-win to me since who knows what a woman really want to get out of their gear, what works best and what can be an EPIC fail when it comes to gear and/or product fit.

I received both the FitBuds and FitClips product so that I could test them out and see just how I like love them.  Here’s a little background on the design and specifications for each of them, along with my review of each –

Koss FitBudsFitBuds ($29.99*) – 33% smaller than any earbud Koss has ever created, sweat resistant and three different sizes of ear cushions included to find your perfect fit.

I loved the sound from the FitBuds and enjoyed them at the office as I created my mix list for last week’s first Shockwave class that I was to coach last week.  I chose the bigger cushion for the FitBuds because I like a snug fit and maybe I have abnormally larger ear canals than most other women.  I turned my head, moved around my office area and they stayed put the whole time.  I listened without outside noise interference from other things going on in the office and I was excited to hear that movement noise was never a factor when I used them.  I received the Mint colored earbuds, which as a visual person and they were very pleasing to the eye.  The FitBuds come in five different, what I consider to be, pastel colors – Coral, Purple, Lime, Blue and Mint.

Koss FitClipsFitClips ($29.99*) – FitClips do not fall out, also sweat resistant and three different sizes of ear cushions included to find your perfect fit.

My favorite of the two headphones was certainly the FitClips!  I think because I like the fact that they do not fall out which I have issues with other headphone and earbud brands.  They fit comfortably over the ear and I loved the fact that these headphones also did not have outside noise bleed through or road impact noise from the wire sweeping against my back during my run.  I received the FitClips in the beautiful Coral color and these are also available in the five different pastel colors – Coral, Purple, Lime, Blue and Mint.  Compared to other over the ear headphones, I love that these never hurt my ears and also they did not create any irritation or rubbing which to me, is a big deal with headphones.

Overall, I loved both products, they are very reasonably priced and that’s important when it comes to headphones along with the quality of the product.  I am looking forward to using these in the coming weeks as I continue to train for my first marathon and beyond that as I run and cross-train for the 2014 race season!

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