SweatGuruToday is the official launch of SweatGuru, a marketplace that is connecting consumers to fitness, ONLINE!  You know the drill, I don’t like the classes offered at my local gym, but I keep hearing about all these amazing group fitness classes that other friends and family are attending and I want in on it!  But where do you go to find those classes, especially when they are offered by small independent trainers that can’t afford big web hosting costs?  Well, SweatGuru is helping us out with that!

SweatGuru studio dashboard schedule

Currently launching in the big city areas of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, SweatGuru is gearing up to help you out!

But, how much will this handy-dandy scheduling hub cost you, you ask?  For consumers the service is FREE!  You can go online and look up the type of class and area that you are interested in attending and the location, then choose your class by clicking on your class of choice and BAM, it gives you the information and times available right there and you can even sign up, pay and add request an appointment right then!

SweatGuru rewardsWhat’s in it for you besides the scheduling you ask?  Well, they’ve thought of a little incentive program too!  How about a Rewards system?  Lululemon anyone!?!

The SweatGuru platform offers its members points, similar to those on Yelp and FourSquare, for checking into classes and for sharing your workouts.  Some really cool Rewards are available too as motivation for getting those workouts in.  Lululemon Gift cards and Trigger Point Therapy Rollers.  These are certainly worth sharing your workouts and classes to earn, AND you can remain anonymous to the public for those that are worried about privacy!

Who are these founding SweatGuru’s I speak of that are starting this movement?  Well, here’s a short bio on each of them!

Jamie Walker, CEO and co-founder 

Jamie Walker is the CEO and co-founder of SweatGuru where she leads business development and marketing for the San Francisco-based startup that will launch in summer of 2013. Jamie and co-founder, Alyse Mason-Brill, bring more than 15 years of combined technology, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to SweatGuru, their second joint venture.

Prior to SweatGuru, Jamie and Alyse have owned and operated Fit Approach, a wildly popular San Francisco boot camp, blog, and online community whose “Sweat Pink” motto has inspired more than 5,000 global members and 20,000 monthly visitors to lead healthy lifestyles. Before she was bit by the startup bug, Jamie spent seven years in Silicon Valley working in high-tech corporate communications with enterprise software and consumer technology companies such as Salesforce.com, Workforce Software, Jigsaw, Blinx and others.

A NASM and Yoga Alliance certified instructor, food-loving vegan and avid ultra-marathoner, Jamie’s passion for health extends into everything she does. She has been featured in Forbes Woman, Trail Runner Nation, The San Francisco Chronicle, BlogTalk Radio and more. She is a featured speaker and yoga leader at conferences such as BlogHer, FitBloggin, IDEA World, and CaptialOne 360 Entrepreneurship classes. She is also an IDEA Fit Inspired Advisor. Jamie holds a degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Alyse Mason-Brill, CPO and co-founder

Alyse Mason-Brill is CPO and co-founder of SweatGuru. Her background in wellness, technology and writing have led to her role leading product and operational strategy for the San Francisco-based startup. SweatGuru will launch in the summer of 2013. Alyse and co-founder Jamie Walker bring more than 15 years of combined technology, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience to SweatGuru, their second joint venture.

For the last four years Alyse and Jamie have owned and operated Fit Approach, a wildly popular San Francisco boot camp, blog, and online health community. Here Alyse has led operations, product, brand strategy and design, and has built a community of more than 5,000 active members, 20,000 monthly visitors and 2,000 brand ambassadors who spread the “Sweat Pink” message globally.

Prior to SweatGuru and Fit Approach, Alyse found her calling in the health world when she managed operations for HealthWorks, Kaiser Permanente’s workforce wellness offering. For HealthWorks she developed new CRM systems, analytics tools, and drove marketing campaigns to onboard some of Kaiser’s most notable corporate customers. Prior to Kaiser she taught writing at the University of Chicago.

A dancer-turned-yogi, intrepid urban cyclist, and design fetishist, Alyse loves turning big ideas into reality and geeking out on new technologies. She has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, as a speaker at Fitbloggin’, IDEA World, CapitalOne 360 Entrepreneurship classes, and California College of the Arts. She is an IDEA Fit Inspired Advisor.  She holds an M.A. from the University of Chicago and a B.A. with honors from the University of California, Berkeley.

For Fitness Professionals – If you are a Fitness Professional seeking an outlet to list your Group Fitness Classes to reach these members?  Well, you can list your professional business with SweatGuru for FREE and if you would like to list your class schedules you also have that option available for a very small fee which incorporates class payments, schedule, reservations and CRM all through the SweatGuru platform or average costs of $19-76 per month, depending on your choices of options to use on the site.

So click here and go checkout the NEW SweatGuru for yourself!  Spread the word and be healthy!  The SweatGuru Team awaits your visit!

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  1. I TOTALLY agree. Love my gym, but I know there’s more variety out there. Now, I can find it!! Great shout out on a great service!!

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