What’s the saying, “Team work makes the dream work!”  Well these days I feel like a rower with just one oar in the water and spinning in my own wake in circles in the long-boat of life.  Don’t take that statement in the wrong context though, I truly adore the life I’ve made and live, just sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming to fit everything in and keep it all working in a productive fluid process to be positive.

While out on this morning’s run with a girlfriend, I was reminded that life just sometimes gets in the way and that’s really ok.  I think for myself I need to spend a little more time truly “unwinding” from it all.  In more instances than one I have found myself in a place in time that I should truly be relaxed with not a worry in the world, but I’m still jacked up and shoulders in full on stress mode.  Why!?

I’ve come a long way in my journey to change and be better, but the lack of relaxation, yeah it’s getting the better of me.  Because social media, because commitments, because LIFE!  There are so many things that I want to get accomplished and it seems that these days I just try to do them all simultaneously which is CLEARLY not productive or even, at times, healthy.  Maybe fitting in a little more yoga and mediation as has been suggested on more than one occasion.  Maybe turning off my phone much sooner than I do in the evenings.

I think this may be a making for a May Challenge for myself, much like this month’s Ab/Squat Challenge that we are more than half way through.  Stay tuned for the end result of that squat-tastic, sit-up craziness outcome!

Until then, I’d like to know, what do YOU do to fit it all in?  Do you schedule it?  Do you just make it happen?  HOW do we find the time to make everyone happy and still end the day/week filling fulfilled that it was “enough”?

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