Means Ranch AlaskaWe ended our grand 2014 Alaskan Adventure, by hiking a visit to our 15 acre property located across the valley from our wonderful friends, the Timm family.  What would be just a couple of days before we trekked back to Anchorage to head home, we had looked at it since arriving at their remote cabin that Thursday before.  We knew that we needed traversing guidance from our great friend Hank and we were excited to have him, Molly and our new friend Aleysha along for the day.

Friends & Neighbors - Alaska

Robertson RiverAfter we grabbed a bite to eat and packed up our daypacks we head off into the woods to begin the 3 mile hike up to the property, which as is located near the Robertson River.  We were so excited to head out and get a look at all the property around us, which the Timm Clan including their children, are also our neighbors.  We stopped off first to get a look at Molly’s property that included a beautiful meadow and a ton of wild blueberry bushes.  It was so hard to contain ourselves from stopping every few steps to get a handful to snack on for the hike.  We pushed on . . .

Bear Cub TrackAs we made our way further down the trail we began to see the mark of wildlife that also shared the property.  A small bear cub paw (with Mama’s paw not far behind), a wolf, a moose track and what we think may have been a small caraboo.  To say the diversity of wildlife near our property is abundant could be an understatement.  We share the land and all of its beauty.

As we pushed on we made it to the small foot trail that lead up to our parcel of land.  It took us across a little creek, where we will plan to get our water for our primitive cabin.  The views, simply gorgeous!

At the CreekHarley at the CreekView from the PeakThis day we planned to get a look at all 4 of our boundary markers for the property and pick out potential cabin locations for work to begin, hopefully, in the summer of 2015.

Picking the HomesiteFinally, after a lot of maybe’s and could-be’s, we picked our location near the sound of the creek, with what will be an amazing view looking out from the cabin with a little relief from the wind by being down in the valley, somewhat.

Harley & Tammy Means RanchNew Beginnings AlaskaWe are so proud of this land that we can call our second home and we look forward to many years ahead enjoying and growing with our land and our small community.  Alaska, is truly the wildest land that I have been to thus far, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be creating new future beginnings in this great vast wilderness!

We had a wonderful trip to Alaska this year even though our adventure only allowed us a week’s worth of time, but we will not fret, as we look to 2015 plans for returning to this great place of solitude.

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  1. I love this! I just moved to Alaska and I’m totally obsessed with it and never want to leave. A remote cabin sounds amazing and I’m totally jealous! Where is your land located? We always joke that we’ll get land up near Denali someday, but after living in Seward all summer I’m totally thinking that Seward a better place for a second home! Not that we can afford a first home yet 😛

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