You know all those “I’m gonna” things you came up with and wrote down as you looked to 2014?  I’m gonna . . . . lose weight, exercise more, drop a pants size, stop smoking, stop binge eating . . . Oh the I’m gonna’s can go on forever!  But in reality, too much too soon is a recipe for failure for a lot of people.  I am guilty of going all in on some changes and then losing steam down the road, whether it is a few weeks or a few months from when I started.  So how about this, commit to make one change per week or for a better chance of sticking to it, how about one month, and see how you can stick to it.

2115---January-Campaign-Social-Media-Shares_800x800-Serial-SnackerFor me, the afternoon slump is a recipe for a chocolate attack or, in reality, some sort of maybe not so healthy snack attack!  Yeah, I’m the afternoon Serial Snacker!  I ADMITTED IT, I OWNED IT, now I’m gonna change it!

Yes, you can snack and feel good about giving in. Your stomach talks to you all day (it never shuts up!) Your bag or desk drawer is strategically stocked with a wide assortment of get-me-through-to-the-next-meal morsels. You struggle to turn down a slice of office birthday cake—hungry or not. And the 3 PM growlies can lead to pre-dinner nachos or a midnight snack over the kitchen sink.

Thanks to Vega One and their #OneChange initiative, I am going to replace those afternoon not-so-healthy snack attacks with the new Vega One plant-based nutrition shake.

This week I tried this vegan version of a Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar replacement, super quick and Serial Snacker APPROVED!Vega One Vanilla Nutrional shake

  • 8-10 oz. Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
  • 1 packet Vega One French Vanilla Nutritional Shake mix
  • 1 tablespoon Vegan Chocolate Chips
  • 1 tablespoon Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter
  • 1/2 cup ice

Vega One Chocolate Peanut Butter Snack AttackAdd all ingredients into blender and blend until ice is fully crushed to a smoothie consistency.  Pour into your favorite cup and enjoy with a straw!  You can add other ingredients to change it up to keep from getting bored.  After testing out this recipe I thought, ESPRESSO BEANS, yup, nothing kicks it up like a little caffeine!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a healthy snack alternative.  As a matter of fact, Vega One and the One Change initiative have a database of recipes available to you to check-out and give a try!  When I started testing the Vegan waters, healthy recipe ideas where a MUST.

If you want to learn more about Vega One and their line of products, check them out on their website and social media!

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And remember, in 2014, commit to make One Change and push on through!