Way before 2015 began I started making my list of things I wanted to reach as goals for 2015.  I began with working on myself and, yet again, my body at the beginning of December.  I found myself at dinner with friends one night early in January and one of those friends, whom I also consider a great mentor in my fitness instructor journey, asked me what my 2015 goals were.  As I rattled off about 5 things focused around my diet and fitness she raised an eyebrow and said, “those are all great, but what about the other stuff?”  I was confused.  I came back with, “But new year goals are always centered around diet and exercise.”  Her answer to me, “well they shouldn’t be!”

During the course of our dinner, this amazing friend reminded all of us that we should focus on other aspects of our life such as spirituality (no matter if it is religion based or not) and relationships with family and most of all spouses.  As I listened, I found myself finally ‘getting” it!  Things I already knew that I should be putting forth more effort to, I did realize some weeks fell by the wayside.  It happens with busy schedules and constant demands for our time.  Focusing on diet and exercise is a great start to changing yourself, but we must also change the habits that create the poor diet and exercises (or lack there of) habits that we form through the year that keep us from attaining our goals.

Now more than half way through the month of January, I am feeling really great about my efforts to change my diet and exercise, but I find myself struggling these days to have success with my other goals I have set.  I know, it’s early, we have busy lives.  I think that maybe a sit down meeting about expectations may be in order soon just to keep me on my road to making those goals happen.

On the diet (food intake, not fad diet) and exercise front, I’ve seen some changes in inches.  I began December first and my measurements were certainly not where I wanted them to be NOR are they now!  But in just a month and a half I’ve made some progress.  To me small gains keep me going and prove that maybe I’m doing it right!

So to “put it out there” I’m sharing where I started and where I am today with those measurements . . .

December 1st –Heavy to Fit Lessons

  • Hips – 43″
  • Waist – 36″
  • Bust – 36″
  • Thigh – 21″

January 16th –

  • Hips – 42″
  • Waist – 34″
  • Bust – 34″
  • Thigh – 19″

For me, it’s not about the scale, it’s about the inches.  Feeling stronger, gaining endurance and being able to show people who no matter what their size or fitness level, starting somewhere is better than not starting at all!  And it’s also about making time for loved one’s this year, even with incredibly crazy schedules.  Make realistic goals, set realistic expectations and remember it takes time.

Special thanks to amazing Master Trainer and Friend, Doris Thews.  The world needs more people like you influencing the next generation of instructors and helping us remember to keep our eyes and priorities on the things that we should set as most precious and important.  Everything else beyond that is just “gravy”!

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