Me versus Me, that was all I thought about on my 5 mile run this morning and also my 7-miler with a wonderful group of women on Sunday morning.  When I talk about how hard something is, my husband is a great cheerleader and reminds me that our family is built on mental toughness.  Not giving in when we simply just don’t want to, but knowing that we can and if we keep on pushing through our mental barriers that the world is our oyster or in my case, race finish line.

Battling the humidity does not help matters, but it does get me out of the house much earlier to get that run DONE!  This morning when the alarm went off, my legs were sore from last night’s Tabata Bootcamp that I led for some very inspiring and strong women and pushing through to get out of bed and hit the pavement, I knew I was headed exactly where I needed to be at that hour of the day.

We can always choose to hit the snooze, roll over and sleep in, but today I knew I needed to push myself.  Push past the can’ts and didn’ts of yesterday and make today the best I could make it FOR ME!  Excuses often fill our heads as to why we do not complete or even start things, in some cases, but making the choices that are right for us . . . That’s what it is all about!

I have 2 weeks before my first race of my 2014-2015 Half Marathon season and wanting to have a good race just does not make it happen.  Buckling down and getting my training runs and cross-training workouts in, that’s what it is all about now.  Not letting myself hold myself back, that’s where the battle is and the Physical me is going to be the winner!

So the next time you are sitting (or laying) there wishing you could, just remember one thing . . . There is no “T” in CAN!