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3 weeks til ragnarSo much goes into planning and putting together a team for this amazing race series.  In 2014 we began planning, and we have had soooo many changes to our team roster, but finally we have made it to just 3 weeks out and our 12 members are now set in stone!  We will spend 5 days, bonding, running, sweating and filling our runner hearts!  Starting in Miami, FL and running for 2 days, 200 miles and 12 Teammates to the finish line in Key West, FL!  To say we are pumped with excitement would be a COMPLETE understatement!

Kristen “The Rabbit” – Runner 1 – Kristin will be our first runner of the series.  Her total mileage will be 16.9 miles!

Hope “Do I have to wear Gear” – Runner 2 – Hope’s total mileage will be 18.6 miles!

Tammy “The Mediator” – Runner 3 – And then there’s me!  My total mileage for the race will be 15.4 miles!

Amber “The Captain” – Runner 4 – Our fearless Captain will have the longest mileage of the Team at 24 miles!!

Becky “The Booker” – Runner 5 – Becky will be putting in 15.9 miles!

Nita “Pass the Sparkling Water” – Runner 6 – Nita will be running 12.5 miles!

Shanin “I’ll make the lists” – Runner 7 – Shanin will be pushing through 19.6 miles and our lead off runner from Van 2!

Ludmila “That Miami Traffic . . .” – Runner 8 – Ludmila will be taking the second position in Van 2 and running 14.9 miles!

Mary “The Veteran” – Runner 9 – Mary, our veteran Ragnarian and Southern Florida Teammate will be running 15 miles!

Angela “The Supportive Sister” – Runner 10 – Angela, Isa’s sister who will be joining us from Jacksonville, will be runner 10 and logging 13.2 miles!

Isa “I’ll Bring my iPad” – Runner 11 – Isa will be our 12th teammate putting in a total mileage of 12.3!

Metra “Bring us to the Finish” – Runner 12 – And bringing it home across the finish line Key West will be Metra, pushing through 18 total miles!

I’m so excited to add this race and mark it complete on my Runner Bucket List this year!  Follow our progress February 6th & 7th and send us shout outs on our official Facebook Fan Page – Pass the Margaritas!

Pass the Margaritas

3 thoughts on “Meet my 2015 Ragnar Key West Team – “Pass the Margaritas”

    1. Of course I’m one proud mama!! But to see all of you lovely women going out there and possibly showing blood, sweat, and tears, I’m proud of all of you!!!!! Go Ragnar Key West Team!!!!! We’ll all be hooting’ and a hollering for you!!!!
      Metra’s mum
      Julie 🙂

  1. Wow that is some milage and girls bonding weekend too! Good luck to you all I’ll look forward to the recap.

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