Don’t you just get annoyed while watching all those celebrity or reality television shows where the women and men have the most amazing closet and it is the size of a small apartment to boot!  I could totally get lost in one of those closets and find some serenity in loving everything about where I store my wardrobe.  But thinking deeper about why I love all those closets that we see on television or in magazines, those people have an image tucked away in their beautiful closets.  Just think, what if we loved everything in our closet.  From the shoes to the very last accessory we own.  What if we were not holding on to old articles of clothing or accessories in hopes that one day, maybe, just one day I can get back into that outfit and I’m going to rock it just like I did all those years ago.  Is this you?  It was me until about 3 months ago! 

It was about 3 months ago that I was at home not feeling to great and in the 3rd day of being on the couch from a cold.  I was sick of looking at my closet and saying, “tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll clean it out” and got up and started lugging things out of there.  I did a major closet purge and ended up donating more than 6 bags of clothes, shoes and accessories that either I had never worn or had not worn for more than 2 years, to our local Goodwill donation store and some to a friend that had recently lost weight.  I felt invigorated!  Letting go of the little voice inside my head telling me on one hand, you’ll never fit into that again and on the other, the voice of reason saying why would you want to!?  Though I still have work to do on getting it more organized, letting go of those articles of clothing, shoes and accessories opened yet another door to being positive.  Positive that I was not going to allow myself to break myself down each morning when I made the dreaded entrance to the closet looking at all those clothes just hanging there that I could not fit into or didn’t want to.  Purging those negative thoughts also opened my mind to getting my thoughts better organized and changed my outlook on the day ahead.  Mind you, I also purged makeup (really women, it’s overdue, trust me!) and I purged old medical items that were totally out of date, you would be surprised if you don’t do this at least once per year what you are holding onto in there.  These days, when I walk into my closet I no longer feel that sense of dread but rather, excitement.  Excited that the only things I now own in my closet fit me and I do not have to change because of the way the clothes fit, but rather maybe for mood.  It is a drastic difference from how I previously started my days and I love that feeling.

Now, if you are looking to make it more than just getting the Negative Nelly out of your head you can take it a step farther and organize all of your clothing, shoes and accessories.  Michaels, TJ Maxx and SteinMart (local franchises in Tallahassee) carries reasonably priced organizing baskets and shelves to get you started.  You can hit your local Bed, Bath & Beyond (put those mailer coupons to use finally) and invest in some inexpensive shoe storage options or hit the local Wal-Mart which also offers a lot of good reasonably priced organization ideas.  With summer here, there are also a lot of colorful options to brighten up these normally dark areas of our homes. 

So Wednesday’s Midweek Mantra, here is what I give you – Only when you stop looking at the past and what you cannot change can you look to tomorrow and make it the best you can.  Stop holding onto those old clothes from before you had that baby if it has been more than 2-3 years or from when you were in your 20’s, and stop beating yourself up about not getting back into them.  Shut down those negative thoughts and embrace the beauty that you have and emphasize it with projecting a more positive outlook on where you are heading on your journey.

One thought on “Midweek Makeover – Clean out the Negative and the Closet!

  1. Good thoughts, Tammy! I recently did the Style Me March Challenge from Twitter even though fashion is not very high on my priority list these days (not that I don’t like it…). What a difference it made knowing that I was going to take a picture of myself that day and share it with the world. Paying attention made a difference! And you probably already know but to remind you and your readers — Bed Bath and Beyond honors those coupons after the expiration date!

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