Change your MindDaily inspirational (and sometimes not so inspirational) quotes get us through.  We scroll up/down our feed on our Facebook wall, liking and sharing little words and quotes of encouragement.  Some about life, some about attitude, jokes, fitness, religion, status of the world . . . you name it, they are out there!  They can promote a negative state of mind or spark a positive influence to make today the day that you stand up and try again (whether it be in fitness or some other obstacle you are trying to overcome).  I love to share quotes, sometimes just because I/we need a laugh, some days because even I need a little encouraging.

I’ve been quietly working on a little December makeover for myself which involves many aspects of my daily life.  Positive thinking, tweaking eating habits, listening to my body and coping with some small but manageable injuries.  It has not been rainbows and sprinkles, but It has been one day and one foot in front of the other.  I’m at the beginning of my 2nd week and I am already seeing small results and even at times when I make a choice to have that little bit of something that isn’t on my plan, I own it and move on because that is what I have to do.  One little moment of something cannot negate small victories that you have accomplished over days unless you give it the power to do so.

Short Mileage Better than No Mileage

Checking in on my first full week of December I was excited to see that overall I was down 4 inches.  I’ve cut way back on my sugar intake AND those little sweet indulgences that add up at the end of the day.  I ran my first 2 miles for the first time in over 2 weeks, and while I still had little twinges of pain, I know I’m on the road to getting back out there.  I have to drop out of my 2nd race of the year, but it’s what is a smart choice for me.  Acceptance and embracing the negative . . . small victories . . .

Taking those pictures of what we don’t want to or refuse to see, yeah, they totally help.  Writing down everything (even that little fun-size snickers bar) those keep you accountable.  Dropping the “during the week” adult beverage here or there, it adds up.  I’m taking one day at a time and THAT is what is going to keep me going EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Fan ClubsI shared this quote this week, NOT because I believe in it, but because I wanted to see how many would make a positive spin on the negative that it expresses.  I was excited that a majority of the people who commented agreed with me, it’s not necessary to have a fan club BUT it sure is nice to have people in your corner!

I leave you with this thought . . . When you are trying your best to do whatever it takes to succeed at your goals, take a moment and remember sometimes it’s mind over matter and don’t let your mind discount or negate those small IMPORTANT victories!  xo