Mizuno Wave Rider 17The following blog post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno

I am a tried and true Mizuno Brand running shoe girl and I have been for more than a year now.  If you look in my closet you will see at least 5 pairs of actively used running shoes that I rotate in order to extend their life.  I mean, one of the most expensive parts of being a distance runner is the shoes and boy can they get pricey when you begin to wear through them with mileage.  So I was very excited with I heard I would have the opportunity to test out the New Mizuno Wave Rider 17 that was just released!

The Look – I love the new design of the Wave Rider as compared to previous models.  The 17 has a low profile sleeker look and feel to it.  The design of the shoe is more appealing to the eye, in my opinion, though the fit and wear of the shoe are certainly more important.  While I received the white/purple version of the shoe, it is also available in coral and black for those looking to add a little color to their running shoe arsenal.  I generally tend to shy away from white since it gets dingy so quickly, but that’s just me.

The Weight – This shoe is super light, which I find it comparable to the weight in my Mizuno Wave Sayonara shoe, but it also still gives the needed support that the bulkier shoes offer.  I try to shy away from heavier running shoes these days because I supinate when I plant my foot and a heavier shoe inhibits my ability to have more control without wearing myself out from keeping good form.  So for me, the lighter the shoe the better, without sacrificing quality and support.

The Fit – I love a bigger toe box in my running shoes because even though I have a skinny foot, I find it more comfortable to have room for my toes without them bunching together especially in a running shoe.  In my opinion they expanded the 17’s toe box slightly, but I wish that the toe box in the Wave Rider 17 were a little bigger.  The Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is categorized as a Neutral shoe for those looking for fit specifics about the support or stability factor.  I was happy that the fit of the Wave Rider 17 stayed in Mizuno form for me and had no issues with rubbing or blisters when I test ran them.  The cushion support was just perfect for me too, not too much and not too little.

Overall Review – I love that the new Wave Rider 17 is light and low.  It also seems that they have expanded the toe box area slightly, one of my complaints with the 16 that I previously tried, which eliminated my issues with the shoe seam cutting into the side of my big toe while running.  The shoe tongue is a little bulkier than I would personally prefer, but this also eliminates the potential for laces to slide up and rub on the top of the ankle which is a good trade-off.  I give the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 a thumbs up for staying in my running shoe rotation and I am looking forward to putting them to more use on my training and race day long-runs.

mizuno_logoCheck out Mizuno’s line of running shoes for men and women by visiting their website and don’t forget the Wave Rider 17 is officially released on December 5th!