February GoalsTime to check-in and set those Goals for February 2014!

As January draws to and end I find myself having succeeded in attaining several of my goals set for 2014 already.  But there is still so much that I want to accomplish before March 5th (my BIRTHDAY!)!  So as I look to February, I have taken the time to write it down, hold myself accountable and keep track of progress and failures.

For February I am working on improving –

Hydration BandsHydration – Thanks to my friend Shannon and her Tabata Bootcamp group (which I am not participating in her program yet), I was able to get in on the hydration accountability bus this week to get ready for making sure I get my 64 oz per day.  One band equals 8 oz of water.  You can read more about the Hydration Band theory on Shannon’s blog post here.

Stronger Core – In 2013 I participated in a Plank-a-day challenge with my fellow Moms RUN This Town chapter members and LOVED it (well, as much as on can love self-inflicted abdominal soreness) but the rewards of building my core helped me run stronger and a better felling of stability with the added strength I gained.  So February 1st, we are at it again for the #MRTTPlankChallenge!  The goal is to do your best, challenge yourself and BUILD THAT CORE!

Cross-Train – Admittedly, I have totally slacked with my lifting cross-training sessions in January.  February, I’m committing to hitting the gym for more workouts to rebuild my upper body strength.  Thankfully I have wonderful muscle memory so the results will come quick, BUT they will not come without the commitment to DO WORK!

Run – Every month I running is on my list of things I want to improve upon and do more of.  Some months those goals are side tracked by schedule or body forbid, pain and fatigue.  Next month my goal is to embrace each mile as an accomplishment.  Every mile counts, no matter how long or short my run is, I am going to embrace the distance and continue to move forward.  February is my full marathon month too, so the clock is ticking on my biggest mileage challenge yet at the 26.2 with Donna The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer with my #RunDONNA Ambassador Team which I am fundraising for!  If you would like to give, every single dollar counts and you can help my efforts by clicking the link here to give.

New Exercise – In January I received my ShockWave! certification and began coaching a new-to-me exercise routine that challenged not only myself but also my resolve to get outside my comfort zone and go for it.  I am even hooked on taking the class myself to keep challenging and pushing myself.  I’ve already decided on my new exercise for February and I cannot wait to get started on that adventure.  (more details to come!)

Never Give UpSo there you have it, my simplified for you, goals for February 2014!  I want to hear what you have in store for yourself.  What challenge are you setting to conquer next month and how are you going to go about getting it DONE!