Well, I missed my normal Meatless Monday recipe post, but I didn’t want to wait until next week to share one of my favorite recipes!  So here’s this week’s quick and easy recipe!

With the uproar about “what’s in your protein mix” and “don’t use this or that” I often find it funny in reading posts about what people are advocating against rather than for.  For me, protein powder is about reading the label and choosing what works best for me and my way of eating.  I am personally a distributor of a certain brand, which will remain nameless in this post, but I don’t use that product myself and to me I find it a little comical that I even maintain my distribution license each year.  BUT they have other products that some friends use and I like to continue to offer those to them out of convenience.  But for me, I am looking for less sugar (no refined if possible), no GMO’s, no Soy based protein and as often as possible, vegan or vegetarian options.  This makes my protein powder shopping much more of a job.  But recently I found a new protein powder that I’m loving that is soy free and also has less of all the junk that other powders have AND it’s vegan/vegetarian which is a score in my book.

One cannot and should not live solely on protein shakes for meals, in my opinion, as a way of healthy lifestyle changing.  It is, for me, a way to get my fruits, sometimes veggies and protein on the go when my schedule doesn’t allow for making a big breakfast or lunch.  I have one shake in my recipe box that I’ve kept with me since I was in high school, yes OVER 20 YEARS AGO, this recipe is still my go-to for ingredients and I love the flavor of the end product.  It’s simple and clean and the only none “closest to the source” ingredient is the protein powder and with spring and summer crops now beginning to grow and come to the market, the fresh organic local ingredients are readily available which is an added bonus in my book!

Organic StrawberriesIngredients –

In a blender combine all ingredients until ice is completely crushed and pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!  I use this as my on-the-go breakfast on days that I am running late or slept in past the point of making breakfast.  I always follow it up with a hearty lunch and a light dinner, but I try not to make this an everyday meal replacement routine.


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