By now, everyone around me is probably quite tired of hearing how motivated, determined and focused on making changes to my fitness and nutrition I am.  Each week, putting in the work and documenting the progress, it’s a lot of posting and sharing.  But I have to say to those that may be tiring of hearing and seeing my progress, those shares help keep me accountable.  It would be so much easier to say I did it and not post updates, but seeing is believing IN MYSELF!

Palace 5K 2016Today marks 121 days in to my changes for 2016.  I’m not gonna lie, it’s been no cake walk.  Some days are much harder than others to stay focused and no matter how much I resist it, the 4am alarm just.keeps.coming!  Generally getting in about 5-6 days of fitness per week and one dedicated day of rest, I do find myself a little wary some mornings, but the energy I have throughout the day helps keep me going and wanting to succeed more.  There have been non-scale victories (dropping almost 2 dress sizes), scale victories (losing 25 pounds so far), strength gains (multiple advanced moves on the TRX straps in TRX Team Camp) and speed improvements (I was able to almost hit my 29 minute 5k goal several weeks ago coming in at 29:36, that’s me on race day trying to keep it together).  Each victory has its own special place to me and none of it is ever taken for granted.

This week I end my first TRX Team Camp at the Studio, something I credit to the incredible strength gains I have achieved over the past 8 weeks.  I love it so much that I have already signed up for the next Season and  cannot wait to see what gains I achieve the next 8 weeks.  Coming from never being able to do a push up in the straps to conquering the inverted push up, it’s not only an incredible testament to what the camp brings, but also an amazing boost of confidence that hard work is paying off.

Progress May 2016

With all the improvements, I also feel much more positive about leading our clients on their fitness journey.  Making changes and showing them that hard work and determination are enough.  Knowing that when we believe in ourselves, even on days or weeks that we have setbacks, that goals are attainable.  Like all things, goals take time to achieve and while we didn’t gain pounds overnight, we certainly won’t lose them overnight either.  Time, that’s what it’s all about.  Putting it in on planning, working, planning, working, PLANNING AND WORKING!

So I’ll keep this update short and sweet while sharing a few photos of my progress above.  Reminding myself to stay focused and on track while also allowing myself to enjoy life and indulgences when I want them.  I’m keeping it in check and I’m going to take care of me.

Until next time! Keep on being you and stay inspired! xo