New Leaf Market Front of the StoreGET READY Northeast Tallahassee, the newest amazing market is coming your way April 27th at 11am at Bannerman Crossings, located at 6668-0 Thomasville Road.  The New Leaf Market Co-op Bannerman Road location is set to open on Wednesday morning for all of the Northeast foodies looking for honest, organic, local and consciously selected food items readily available to grab-n-go or stock up the refrigerator and pantry for weekly meals.  And while Ownership into the Co-op is optional, it’s not required to shop there!

I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the new store and behind the scenes at the new location on Saturday.  I just have to say, while my husband thought it was maybe as big as the original location (which will still be open for business for the centrally located customers and owners) on Apalachee Parkway, I did not feel the same and found myself in a little state of awe at the size, openness and selection that I saw coming together for that store.

New Leaf Market Bannerman HE STORE

Getting a little free rein to walk around the new store and then to have a formal tour, was the perfect way to get the 4-1-1 on all the awesomeness they put into this location.  Here are some great key points we found out –

  • New Leaf Market Co-op still plans on keeping things predominantly organic and will continue to offer local products as much as possible as they have with the original store.
  • The Bannerman location will offer more bulk items than the original location included the bulk spice options, which are always my favorite to make sure spices are fresh, I love to buy as I need for a few weeks.
  • Different food coolers than the Apalachee Parkway location, these coolers will be more efficient and LED lighting in the cases reduces the potential for temperature changes in the food.  These food coolers will also allow for pallets of products to be put aside in proper temperature storing when the store is too busy to stock immediately.  Also, these coolers allow for less “in front” loading to allow customers to get to items instead of reaching around and over employees stocking items from the front.
  • All food promotions will be honored the same at both stores, as long as product(s) or service(s) are available at that location
  • The new Bannerman location will offer a full-service meat and seafood department here. The new meat Manager wanted to pass along that he welcomes special customer requests for products and they will continue to use White Oak Farm and Orchard Pond Organics.  This department will also have a special temperature controlled room for all meat and seafood prep to reduce potential contamination or temperature spoiling.
  • The beautiful wood cabinets that were built-in the original Apalachee Parkway remodel have been moved and re-purposed the wine cases at the Bannerman Road location.
  • There will also be “meals in minutes” options for quick and healthy take home items that can be heated or cooked.
  • New pizza station, offering options for create your own, take home or buy a slice for all the pizza lovers.
  • Dedicated juice bar and new juice menu coming, but you can still build your own.
  • Grab-n-go section will be available at the new location along with new salads and sandwiches, and they will still plan to offer sushi.
  • Headquarters and Administrative offices will still be at the main store located at 1235 Apalachee Parkway, but the staff will travel between both stores.

The BeerThe one thing my husband was excited about . . . the big BEER coolers!  Looks like there will be a larger selection for all the specialty and craft beer lovers in town!

See photos below for an inside look into the beautiful space they have created!  AND you will not want to miss the Grand Opening Celebration set for May 7th!  And if these little bites of GOODNESS (Bacon Wrapped Dates with Almonds, pictured) offer any sign of the food they will be serving, you can totally count me in for sticking around!  But seriously, there will be Free BBQ, Door Prizes, Kids Activities and Live Music from 12-4pm!  So drop by and give them a look!

Be sure to follow them on Twitter & Facebook for updates on new items and offerings at both locations!