2015 Accomplishment JarLast night one of my girlfriends, Michelle, opened her home to several of her friends and offered up ‘craft night’ to create something to take us into the New Year without making potentially unattainable resolutions, but instead making a place to contain every accomplishment made through the year. No matter big or small, you write it down and place it inside.  At the end of the year you get the chance to open the jar and read a recap of all the things, big or small, that you felt worthy of making it into the jar.

2014 Race MileageThis year I continued my running journey; however, I fell short of my previous year’s mileage.  BUT that’s ok, that was this year and tomorrow begins a new 365 day journey.  What will I do?  Make the most of every single opportunity and relish in every single training run and race.  Last year I literally ran my booty off.  Miles and miles each week, a full race season that included so many half marathons with amazing friends.  This year was no different, just less road mileage.

3 Year JourneySo as I thought last night when I was making my 2015 Accomplishment Jar (though my friend Robin named hers her “journey” jar which I love more) I thought about where I started, where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  My journey is not over by a long shot, I will continue to work towards being healthier, happier and a better role model.  I’ve had setbacks myself, fallen off the health wagon, but I keep getting back up.  Keeping in mind that even when I need encouragement myself that we all begin somewhere and always keep in mind that I will never “compare my beginning to someone else’s middle” on this journey.  I’m still in my middle and I will always remain a work in progress.  We grow with each passing day and experience, that’s what I will use each day when I want to hit snooze and roll over.

Take the first day of 2015 to sit down and make a plan instead of resolutions.  When you miss a goal, keep pushing.  When you fall down, brush yourself off.  When you make even the smallest accomplishment, CELEBRATE IT!  Every single step of your journey is growth, good or bad.  Embrace it, earn it, OWN IT!

Happy New Year to you and yours!  Make each moment count! xo

Happy New Year 2015

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