Fall Seven TimesI was sick for the last few days of March.  Not only did it knock me out of coaching two of my scheduled classes, it knocked me out of one of the big hometown races that I love to run.  Given that I’ve not really put in many miles, in my opinion, this year, skipping that race may have been the best “out of my control” outcome.

So, today begins a new month, April, which I intend on committing to some personal challenges and fitness challenges that I want to get accomplished in the next 30 days!  Because, frankly, nothing is easy in exercise, EXCEPT quitting! And QUITTING is not an option!

I’ve committed to an Ab/Squat Challenge for the month with several of my girlfriends in order to stay accountable through the month.  Because I really want to build my core to be a stronger runner and be able to increase full-body flexibility, which it all starts with a strong core!  (And the added work towards a firm booty doesn’t hurt!)  I even went so far as to take measurements this morning . . . EEK!

I’m putting myself on a mileage schedule in order to get my road miles in and push me to keep running towards Fall race season.  I’ve totally fallen off the running wagon and I’m ready to take the reins back!

I’m still on my path to get leaner and more fit and working on keeping my calorie intake up to keep the metabolism cranking along.  Seems everyday that all I think about is food.  What I’m going to eat, when I’m going to eat it . . . Is it good for me, is it enough . . . it gets a bit overwhelming.

I have several personal goals that I want to accomplish this month.  Personal goals are always great, above just fitness and nutrition.  These are things I want to work on to make myself a better mentor and friend.  I must hold myself accountable before I can ask anyone else to.

Build DreamsBecause this quote is so true, if we don’t work hard to build our own dreams we spend our whole lives helping someone else build theirs!  So here’s to a new month and new goals and working towards them to get where we want and NEVER GIVING UP!

What new goals are you seeking to accomplish for the month of April!?  I’d love to hear from you!  And what accomplishments have you already made this year??  Brag on yourselves in the comments!