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I have found the MUTHA of all Jerky in my opinion!  Their package says it all, “if you are holding this, you are one of the lucky ones.”  A “jerky” concept created totally by accident but it’s amazing!  Hate the jerky that is hard and feels like it could take an eternity to chew?  Perky Jerky is moist without the jaw-busting work that comes with consuming other brands.

Here’s their story –

Our story — like most good stories — begins with two Jerks in a ski lodge. After a long, hard night of energy-drink-cocktail-fueled libation, these jerks settled in while the winter storm raged outside. The next morning they awoke, loaded up their gear, and headed out to the mountain. Amongst this gear was an open bag of peppered beef jerky, which had, unfortunately became drenched in some of the energy drink that had been carelessly spilled the night before. On the first lift up, it made no difference. To these jerks, jerky was the only breakfast they needed, altered or not. Much to their delight, the jerky had retained its original flavor, but was more tender by the accident. What’s more, as they floated their way down the mountain through bottomless powder, they realized they’d been given an extra boost – the jerky had taken on some of the pep of the energy drink. On the next lift ride up, the greatest innovation in jerky since cracked pepper was born.

Since then, these Jerks developed a very sophisticated process for making Perky Jerky. The result? Just the best tasting, most tender jerky around. The bonus? Perky Jerky is now the ultimate snack to help get you up the mountain, down the slope, or off on whatever adventure you decide . . .

When I received the package of Perky Jerky and immediately tried out the Hot & Bothered because I love spicy and bold flavors.  My package included all flavors that Perky Jerky currently offer in both Beef and Turkey.  The flavors include Original, Sweet & Spicy, Teriyaki, and Hot & Bothered.

Premium cuts of beef and turkey with no preservatives, no added MSG and no nitrites, Perky Jerky is low-fat, low-calorie and a high protein snack or fuel option.

Here is the rundown on this awesome jerky that I actually was excited to find at my local grocery market this weekend!!

The Original – A great flavorful option for those days when you just want something tasty to snack on.  I love this as a snack after a long run when my stomach is still in recovery mode from miles put in.

Perky Jerky OriginalSweet & Spicy – This flavor is just what it says, a cross between a little sweet and a little spicy but not too much that either overpowers the other.  I like this when I am feeling really snacky between meals but I don’t want to cheat with something like chips or crackers.

Perky Jerky Sweet & SpicyTeriyaki – I am not a big Teriyaki flavored fan, but Perky Jerky’s Teriyaki flavored jerky was better than most I have tried.

Perky Jerky TeriyakiHot & Bothered – By far, my most favorite of all their jerky options.  I love the boldness that this option gives, full of flavor and a nice hot punch of heat to your taste buds.  This one will leave you digging in the bag for more!  If you like it hot, this is your JERKY!

Perky Jerky Hot & Bothered

Interested in trying Perky Jerky for yourself FOR FREE!?!?  Enter a comment and tell me why you would like to try Perky Jerky for yourself and what activities you participate in to make this your “refueling” choice!  You could win a 1 oz beef or turkey caddy valued at $30.  Winner will be announced on my Facebook Page on Monday, July 22nd.

You can also check out their online store to get some for yourself PRONTO and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all their new flavor options!

** Disclaimer – I was sent a package of Perky Jerky in return for this blog post.  While I was compensated with product, all opinions and suggestions are my own. – Tammy Means

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  1. I would love to try Perky Jerky because I need to get more protein into my diet. I bike, walk and do aerobics.

  2. OHH would love to try this!! I am always trying to find ways to get in protein on the go. I would use this after doing my long runs because we often drive quite far from home and I am starving by the time we get back!

  3. I’d love to try perky jerky as a recovery for my long runs too. Or for after a good p90x workout. Sounds delicious.

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