peanut-allergy****This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds****

If you’re like me, you literally cannot stomach peanuts, much less peanut butter especially on a sandwich or toast.  So for me, making alternative nut butters at home is a must.  I learned a couple of years ago just how simple making those delicious alternatives can be.  Literally taking only minutes (less than 10 to be exact!) in a food processor and adding great additions to give it a little flavor punch!

When we headed out on our Thanksgiving camping trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park last year, my hubby and stepson opted for peanut butter as a quick-lunch option, but I knew especially being stuck out in the wilderness without a store for miles, peanut butter just wasn’t in the cards for me.  I grabbed a jar of Cashew Butter instead and I’ve been known to make an Almond Butter with Sea Salt and Tupelo Honey that’s just amazing!!

So when I was given the opportunity to work with my friends at Blue Diamond Growers again, I knew just what I would use this #tastemakers opportunity to make!  I give you my version of Chocolate Espresso Almond Butter

Ingredients –

Chocolate Espresso Almond ButterCombine all ingredients into the food processor and turn it on.  My processor only has one speed, but if you have multiple speeds you want to put it on high.  Let the almonds process until smooth (there will be a dough ball that forms).  Once the mixture smooths out add in espresso beans while still processing.  Once the espresso beans have been chopped down, turn off the processor and transfer to airtight container.  Note – if you refrigerate this, the coconut oil will make the butter have a stiffer consistency.  I love to serve this as a snack on a piece of toast or sliced apples.

Coming tomorrow, incorporating this yummy butter into one of my favorite flavorful smoothies!