PowericeWhat’s better after a long hot run than an ice-cold slushy?!?  But that’s always not an option nor the best healthy option, so how about a frozen electrolyte treat like PowerICE.  Reminiscent of the frozen Fla-Vor-Ice ice pops from my childhood, I love this hydration option.

This year while at the Expo for 26.2 to Finish Breast Cancer with Donna Half Marathon, I was introduced to a new product that helps replace electrolytes after a long run or intense exercise while also replacing other needed fluids to your body to help aid in re-hydration.

I have been anxious to try this out and share it with my running group.  So last week while headed to meet my Mom’s RUN This Town running Mama’s, I decided to grab a few of my Orange Kicker PowerICE pops and put them in a cooler to share as a cool treat after completing our run.  This was one of our first hot runs of the impending summer heat and humidity, so I was excited to have a little treat to share.  The women found them to be very refreshing and a nice light change, as I did, to the Gatorade or sports drink alternative.

I love the fact that I didn’t get the dehydration headache that generally follows a long intense run with heat and humidity nor did I get the typical cramps in my legs that also follow such hot conditions.

Here is a little bit of information about what power ice is and their concept – (courtesy of the PowerICE website)


Available in Lime Kicker and Orange Blast, checkout the PowerICE  website to order and try for yourself.  They are available for purchase in several quantities on their website and mention you heard about them from gingermantra.  You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your hydration goto’s?  Have you tried PowerICE yourself?  Share your comments.

5 thoughts on “PowerICE – Frozen Electrolyte Hydration Review

    1. I’ve never seen these either fellow MRTT 🙂 Are they all natural by chance? Love reading others’ product reviews!
      emma @ amomrunsthistown.com

  1. Yes! I loved those! I am not sure if they sell those here in Savannah. I have not looked, though. Where did you find your or did you order them from the web?

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