I recently contacted Pro Bar to get the 411 on their line of meal replacement bars.  Having tried the Original Collection, I was interested in their new additions and their other varieties of the Fruition® and the HALO™.  I was excited to have Pro Bar send me a large selection of samples to try and to offer as a giveaway to readers!  SCORE!

Since I am a lower calorie eater and I wanted to give Pro Bar what I call the most adequate review, so I decided to call upon my wilderness trekker husband, Harley Means to write about his use of Pro Bars on his recent trek to the Alaskan Wilderness where he used Pro Bar as a go-to meal alternative.

Let’s hear what he has to say about Pro Bar ~

Fresh Blueberries

Wilderness is an essential part of my life.  I enjoy getting as far away from humanity as possible and when I get there I like to try to rely on the local resources as much as possible.  For instance, this past summer my brother, father, a close family friend and I flew into the northernmost lake (Nishlik) in Alaska’s Wood-Tikchik State Park and spent two weeks paddling in pack canoes 160 miles between the interconnected glacial lakes that make this park so unique and spectacular.  Resources along the way were plentiful and included at least six species of salmon, many types of berries and other edible plants.  We partook of all of them and they were an integral part of our wilderness diet.  However, long hours of paddling in cold, rainy Alaska weather can really burn the calories.  I estimate that we burned on the order of 4000 – 5000 calories per day. 


So, how did we manage to keep our energy levels up and keep warm on our trip you might ask (besides eating lots of butter, that’s right, straight butter)??  Part of my daily diet included  eating at least one Pro Bar!  I am not one to necessarily recommend brand-named items to folks but I will make an exception in this case.  These bars really pack a caloric punch and they taste great to boot!  Admittedly any food no matter how good it is gets old after two weeks, but I packed a few of each type of bar that the company offers.  My favorites include the Superfruit Slam, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip as well as the Original.  I found them to be tasty and filling.  So, on your next wilderness adventure I recommend that you pack a few of these Pro Bars and give them a try.  They are small enough to fit in your pocket or day pack but big enough to satisfy an Alaskan hunger!  

Fresh Alaskan Catch


Pro Bar Simply Real

Everything we make is 100% vegan, certified organic, certified non-GMO and mostly raw (or as we like to think of it: Simply Real)” – Pro Bar

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You may also visit Pro Bar’s web store and order online.  Pro Bar is offering a 40% discount off your first order.  Use discount code “BLOGGER” at checkout!

***Harley Means was not compensated for this product review.***

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  1. I would love to win ProBars! I am running a *lot* in 2013 and am looking for on the go bars for after long runs!

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