Picking back up on running recently and a push to increase miles and leg fitness often leaves a girl with oh so achy legs.

This year I have participated in more road races than in previous years and often found myself wondering what the big hype was about the fancy socks those distance runners were wearing during and after races.  My running partner, who is also a fancy sock wearer was poised to tell me just what those fancy socks were for and why I should get some for myself.

So in an effort to figure out what sock was best for me and to try them out I reached out to Pro Compression™ and they willingly agreed to let me test their product, the Marathon sock in Black.

Here’s what I thought ~

First of all, I’ve worn the well-known compression shorts and compression shirts from time to time, especially when we travel to Colorado for some snow sports in the Spring each year, so I  know somewhat about the idea behind compression.  BUT I have to say, Pro Compression™ socks are a completely different beast.  Whether you choose them for active running or you choose them for active recovery or maybe you just decide to wear them through your run and then for the rest of the day, you certainly need to give them a try to aid you in muscle stamina and recovery.

After receiving my socks, I tried running in them and was not sure how much I liked the compression while running.  Since ramping up my cycling routine I generally feel my runs more in my hamstrings and glute muscles, but the compression sock made me focus more on my calves and feet, which I am on the fence about how I feel.  Let’s face it, as a chick endowed with a bigger posterior, feeling your hamstrings and glute muscles engage while running makes you want to just run farther!  I’ll continue to try them on my runs though, because I want to make sure that I am getting the most out of each session.

NOW, as for recovery, I find myself coming home each night and slipping into these beauties and wearing them until bedtime.  Earlier this week I actually wore them under my slacks for a full day of active recovery because when you sit all day at a desk, you are not really helping the recovery of your muscles.  My compression socks held up for me all day and I felt wonderful when I took them off at the end of the day.

I have worn my Pro Compression™ socks for about 2 weeks now (I washed them!) and I have to say, I have had minimal lactic acid build up and need for less rest days and time between workouts and runs and it’s pretty awesome!  I am ramping up my runs beginning this week to at least five times in preparation for my half marathon in February and I will certainly be adding more compression socks to my gear to get ready!  My next Pro Compression™ purchase will be the 2-Pair pack of Tour Low Compression Socks in Lime for just $25 to match my new bumble-bee sneakers.

Haven’t tried compression socks?  Check out Pro Compression™ online now and shop for a socks, calf sleeves and many other products that they have to offer that may be just right for you.  Join their mailing list to get special offers and monthly specials and limited edition products and get out there and RUN!!  And then actively recover the right way.

We may look nerdy in our knee socks, but we love them anyway!

2 thoughts on “Pro Compression™ Socks ~ Runners recovery at it’s best!

  1. I am so happy that I discovered these socks!! Wearing them now! And when I got my first pair (which reminds me.. need to get in on that argyle special this month..), I wore them nearly everyday, having to remind myself to wash them often lol. LOVE them!

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