PROBAR does it again with their new line of Core™ bars that is packed with protein without all the crazy ingredients!  They are quoted as calling it “A Protein Bar not a Science Experiment”.  Oh yeah, and they are all Gluten-Free!

IngredientsLast week I received the Variety Pack 12-Pack of PROBAR Core™ bars to try and I was pleasantly surprised by their version of protein bars.  Available in four flavors of Brownie Crisp, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Chocolate and my FAVORITE, Mint Chocolate.


Each 3 oz. bar contains 20g of protein and are just 280 calories each.  My favorite of the four, by far, is the Mint Chocolate.  It has a little crunch in it that is exactly like the flavor of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies without all the guilt!  The brownie crisp also has a hint of cookie flavor to it with a crunchy inside and the Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cookie Dough remind me of a little cookie flavor indulgence.  I didn’t find any of them overpoweringly sweet.  I chose to eat half before my workout and the other half following my workout.  No funky aftertaste and I didn’t feel a bit of guilt or that normal bloated feeling you sometimes get with other protein bar brands.


These bars are available online at the PROBAR website for just $2.99 each or $33.53 for the Variety Pack 12-Pack.  You can choose to try all four flavors or get a 12-Pack of your favorite flavor.  PROBAR also offers a discount for first-time orders by using code BLOGGER to receive 40% off at checkout!  That’s just $20.12 for a variety box of all flavors!!!  WIN-WIN!

Coming next week, a review of the new PROBAR Bolt™ line and a GIVEAWAY!!

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