Bad Ass Vegan Runner QuoteIt is so so hard to lose sight of what is important in our lives.  We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living and totally forget that we need to focus on ourselves and our priorities, whether it be training, work, health or family!  The past few weeks have made me realize that I have not been doing that, instead I have been focusing on things that just are not as important as my own priorities and with those changes I am feeling so much more confident and more importantly, healthier!

I missed posting a transformation Tuesday picture, frankly, because I have not had one to share in so long, but the past month has brought so much change to my life.  I reduced the number of hours at my day job, I began focusing more on putting time in on practicing my coaching and instruction of fitness classes.  I’ve focused on what I am putting in my mouth, including reducing the amount of wine I indulge in each week.  I’ve pushed myself to focus on keeping positive energy flowing out so that positive things can happen.

This quote this morning from Bad Ass Vegan Runner totally resonated with where I am today in my life!  It is truly what we should be focusing on to get where and what we want out of each day.  Accepting nothing less from ourselves.

So today, as I stood in front of the mirror trying not to judge myself or be too harsh on myself for falling back into “life” and my old ways of small cheats that pile up to calories and pounds, I remembered that a month ago I took some photos before we moved from our old house and I wanted to see how I compared with the changes that I have made over the past month.  I was pleasantly surprised at the small, but obvious changes that my body has made.  I may not be down pounds but the photos, I think, speak for themselves.

1 Month Transformation 2014So I say to you, take a little time and make a plan and stop worrying about how you compare to everyone around you.  Focus all that energy on you and getting healthy and figure out just where you want to see yourself in a month and I PROMISE you if you put in the work and the time, IT WILL HAPPEN!!