Recently, while helping my husband acquire gear for a 3 week wilderness trek through wild Alaska with my father-in-law and brother-in-law, we found ourselves at our favorite local gear store, Trail & Ski owned by long-time family friend, J C Gayhartt.  If you have ever been on an extended backpacking trip, you are well aware that packing light but packing efficiently is key and J C and his helpful staff have always assisted the Means family with suggestions and with obtaining the proper gear for their wilderness treks. 

For this trek Harley must carry everything, from the raft he will be canoeing in, his tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad, hygiene items all the way down to three weeks of food while attempting to get as light as possible to prevent exhaustion and injury.  As he and J C were busy selecting which way would be most efficient at packing his pack I found myself at the front of the store trying to stay away from the amazing selection of hiking shoes and Vibrams they offer (a girl in a place having to pass time and there are shoes, I mean c’mon) and I saw a new product that Trail & Ski recently started carrying.  The product is called PROBAR and is a new line of meal replacement and protein bars that are all natural and organic with no chemical additives.  From their Old School P B & J to a lighter version called S’Mores, these bars are a perfect option for the hiker looking to lighten the load of food and get what they need from a bar or the consumer trying to satisfy a sweet tooth for fewer calories while keeping the ingredients real.  After returning to the front of the store, Harley saw the PROBARS and looked at their nutrition content and discussed with J C, their sustainability for his trek and purchased enough for 15 days. 

The Original Collection offers more than 10 options for complete meal replacement that you need for days with long hikes, bike rides or extended workout days where you are burning maximum calories.  The Original Collection was first introduced on a snow sport mountain, and as those of us that ever have participated in snow sports know, you burn maximum calories and must refuel.  Some PROBARS contain almost 393 calories and are packed with protein, all the ingredients in these bars are completely readable and recognizable and are moderately priced at $2.99 per bar (locally in Tallahassee you can pick them up for around $3.29 at Trail & Ski)

The fruition line is a fruit based, gluten-free product that has less fat and calories that the Original Collection.  Available in 7 flavors, the fruition bars contain an average of 160 calories.  This fruitful bar is available online for $1.79 per 1.7 oz bar.

The HALO line, which has the S’Mores bar that I have tried, let’s you get your sweet cravings under control without all the calories.  HALO has 4 different flavor options and most contain 150 calories with just 4.5 g of fat.  I really liked this PROBAR because it was not heavy or overly sweet as I have found a lot of other bars to be.  Available for $1.59 each, it’s worth the money and the little calories to get your fix.

PROBAR also offers a Sweet & Savory line to get your further sweet tooth fix with 4 sweet goodness options. 

Ready to try PROBAR for yourself?  Visit their website to get more nutrition information and the next time you are looking for a natural meal replacement bar without all the “what the heck is that” ingredients order the PROBARs or if you are local, stop by and visit the friendly folks at Trail & Ski at 2743 Capital Circle NE, Tallahassee, FL and pick up your PROBARs there while supporting a local business.  If you are an avid outdoorsman or woman, I promise you, you will leave there with more goodies than just these PROBARs.  Tell them the Means family sent you!