Rocky Mountains ColoradoThis past week my husband treated me to an amazing trip to the Rocky Mountains. A trip we try to take each year around my birthday weekend to avoid the large season snow crowds but still enjoying the snow sports and grand scenery that beautiful place exudes.

We arrived in Denver on Friday the 28th early enough that we could take some time to visit some of our favorite spots in town before heading to the high country. We always try to hit Highland Tap & Burger which always offers an amazing menu of delicious fresh edibles and my husbands favorite, GOOD BEER! I take the food since I’m not a beer drinker. He’s a Geologist, it’s implied and required!

Summit House Keystone, COWhen we arrived in Keystone, CO the views were just as breathtaking as I remembered, along with the extra energy it takes to breath at that altitude, thankfully I packed my meds and didn’t suffer from the adverse effects coming from sea level. It was going to be an amazing week.

Since I have several races coming up until summer I opted not to participate in any snow sports on the mountain this year, as I had snowboarded on our last trip, I just didn’t want to risk it. But the Hubby enjoyed 3 days of skiing and I was thankful that this resort area offered a Foot Pass for those that were not skiing or snowboarding so I could go up and join him for minimal cost.

Happy Runner FeetThe last day of his ski pass I opted to hit the spa for a massage and long overdue pedicure. It was one of the many gifts he gave me over the course of this trip. Looking back at that I probably would have rather just had the pedicure and skipped the massage. I love my therapist back home and no one can seem to make me leave the table feeling like I am on the road to recovery like my girl Kim D.

The next day we opted to go exploring around other nearby areas like Breckenridge where I got to visit Vertical Runner who were also so kind to invite me on their short run the following evening, but I had not packed any running gear to have a full recovery vacation.  Then Loveland Pass at the Continental Divide, that is always so magnificent to me no matter how many times we visit it. We used the rest of the afternoon as a down day to relax and recharge since my birthday would be a full day of more exploring and hitting our favorite tour company, White Mountain Snowmobiles, for a 2-hour private High Mountain snow machine adventure.

Vertical RunnerLoveland Pass

My birthday morning I woke up early, the dry climate had some a number on my sinuses and I just couldn’t sleep anymore. We enjoyed a little coffee and got dressed to head to breakfast in Dillon, CO at a little café we had visited before. This was a special day so I opted to add a little indulgence of Bacon and a Mimosa with my meal. We discussed what to do for dinner and being the foodies we are, we opted to hit the local market and get ingredients to make dinner in the condo.

Just before noon we started making our way towards Leadville, CO where we had a 2:30 appt for snow machining. Since I had never been to Vail, CO we opted to head over just to explore the Village. The Burton US Open was also going on that week, so it was crowded. Visiting places like Vail and Breckenridge made me appreciate the little things in life. Everything in my world doesn’t have to be grand and expensive, though for special occasions it is nice, a gorgeous view with amazing company is much for valuable to me.

White Mountain AdventuresWhite Mountain Snowmobiles - High AdventureWhite Mountain Snowmobile Tours High AdventureWe made our snow machine trip and it was just as amazing as years before. We took the late afternoon tour so by the time we finished the sun had gone behind the mountain and the temps had dropped by at least 20 degrees. It took a few hours for my hands, which I had liners and Gordini gloves that the cold temps cut right through.

We arrived back at the condo and began making dinner and enjoying a few libations as it cooked along with getting our luggage in order for our early departure the next morning to head home. I kept reflecting on the past week. No part of this trip lacked views, amazing activities or even more amazing company.

Tammy Means, She's 40This night I welcomed my new decade entering my 40s with open arms and a full heart. I reflected on my 30s, the good, the bad and the ugly. I had set goals on my 39th birthday to just be better, a kinder person, a better runner, a better listener and a better friend.  I also resolved that I would go after my goals and stop saying “I wish” all the time.  Because ultimately, we are the only ones that can make all of those big dreams reality and we just have to get past the voice inside our heads holding us back!

This is my “New Year” and I begin a new decade in my life.  As I start this year I have set new goals in life and health.  I am aptly naming it my 365 Transforming Me year.