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Whether you are running, training, biking or walking, if you are like me you are constantly trying to find ways to prevent having to hold your car keys, iPhone and other essentials while you are enjoying your favorite workout activity.  My biggest hurdle was finding a armband that would hold my iPhone while it remained in the Defender Case to prevent incident.  I searched and tried several different products and then my girlfriend sent me an email with a link to Armpocket.  They promised that their Xtreme i-30 would hold my iPhone while in the Defender Case along with other things without being too bulky and obvious.  Ok, I’ll give it a shot I thought to myself and got one.

WebYellowXtremei-30I decided to go with the Fluorescent Yellow version of the Xtreme i-30 in a size Medium.  This model has maximum storage capacity with three interior spots for your car key, fuel gels, large smart phone (including the Defender Case) and whatever other small items you may need on your outdoor adventures that you would normal put in a small pouch or carry.


First of all, I love that all my carry items that I need while I am running fit into this little Armpocket.  I have a large car key that has the remote and all the extra’s on the key which makes it somewhat bulky and it fits in the inside pocket along with my GU Gel for fueling mid run in training for my half marathon.  It is bright yellow so when I am running it is very  noticeable to drivers.


So what do I feel are the cons of this product?  I will have to say I only have a couple minor cons about this product.  First, if you are using your headphones during a run with the Armpocket there is not a designated place that you can close your Armpocket around the place that you plug-in your earphones to your smartphone which prevents  you from having a somewhat weatherproof protection if you happen to be out and it begins to rain or snow.  Which means you are dependent on finishing up your activity soon or taking the Armpocket off and putting it in your shirt for what you can get as a little added protection.

Secondly, this is not Armpocket brand specific, but I did experience it as I have with other velcro armband type products is that after long durations of running, the velcro strap does cause a little discomfort.  I make my Armpocket as tight as I possibly can without causing discomfort to prevent shifting during runs and this seems to help.  Also, with cooler temperatures ahead and wearing long-sleeved shirts, I find that the arm irritation is minimal or absent on those days that I am not running with the Armpocket directly on my skin.

Armpocket Logo

Moderately priced at $39.95, the Xtreme i-30 is certainly worth a try!  So if you are searching for an armband option to hold your smartphone and other items while enjoying the outdoors, checkout Armpocket and their variety of products to suit your need and GET OUTSIDE!