I think too often people get caught up in the competition of running faster, being better and more powerful than others.  It is one of the things that will deter me from certain situations in things that I love like running and fitness.  Nothing happens overnight and I think so often people lose sight of that and the fact that others are just starting out on their journey and need a little more encouragement and “TLC” to keep them on track.

This week, as I began the 8-week Tabata Bootcamp class at the Studio I was reminded of that.  Everyone starts somewhere and the courage to start is the first step to accomplishing great things.  A friend took my Monday night class which focuses on legs and cardio and the next day at work she was so pumped about how she felt and said she couldn’t wait for me to teach more evening classes so that she could attend.  That totally made my day.  See, it’s what I do this whole thing for!  My friend is an MS (multiple sclerosis) patient, but she is not letting that stop her from pushing towards her fitness dreams!

This morning after my 5:15 am class, I had the pleasure to run with some of my MRTT (Moms RUN This Town) Mamas and again, I was able to spend some quality time with some ladies that are pushing themselves to get back into shape.  Whether to run an upcoming race or continue to work towards losing that baby weight.  No matter what shape we are in, encouraging each other to just keep going is what is most important.  Never compare yourself to someone else, as my favorite quote states, “never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”.

MRTT RunFor me, this journey in running, fitness and teaching is what I have looked for for so long in life.  Encouraging, inspiring and empowering people who thought they couldn’t to just never give up.  Giving beginner options while catering to the advanced, no one ever should feel like they just can’t, only that they may not be there yet, but they are on their way to being everything they ever dreamed of in their fitness journey!

Never allow anyone to take away your will and determination to succeed.  Have the courage to just keep going and you will get there, one step – run – fitness class at a time! xo

3 thoughts on “Running, Fitness & Teaching – Everyone starts somewhere, even if it is starting over

  1. Great mind set! I do my best to bring the same attitude into the classes I teach. It’s not a success until everyone leaves feeling successful!

  2. So very true and something I’m going through now. I kind of lost motivation in fitness and nutrition the past few months…and gained weight. Sigh. But I’m back on the wagon now and it feels good! Although I’m super sore from starting over, I know I will get back on track and get to where I want to be 🙂

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