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I am admittedly a total skeptic when it comes to a lot of pill form supplement products that offer results in a bottle, but in most of those cases it promises those things with little or no activity required.  Well, for me, that is just not the case.  Whether it be training runs or cross-training sessions, I get workouts in to allow me to test products for their promises of added and/or sustained energy when taken in proper stacked form.

SD PharmaceuticalsSo, when I was given the opportunity to work with SD Pharmaceuticals and use five of their stackable products from the Energy and Fat Burner line of products available I was excited to see what they had to offer and what results they could offer.  With the lulls in energy that I have experienced and a what girl would ever turn down a little added fat burning if she had the chance!?!

Here is a little background on the company –

 SD Pharmaceuticals™, The Cutting-Edge Ingredient Company, is always the first to bring innovative ingredients – based on the most up-to-date scientific research – to the dietary supplement market. SD Pharmaceuticals™ was created to meet the ever-growing demand from consumers for higher quality dietary supplements with more effective, standardized ingredient dosages.

SD Pharmaceuticals™ uses only the highest quality and most potent forms of every ingredient available, including exclusive all-natural standardized herbal extracts, which is the key trait that really distinguishes SD Pharmaceuticals™ from every other dietary supplement company.

SD Pharmaceuticals’ science-based supplements are made for anyone looking to improve health, combat aging and disease, lose fat, build muscle and improve performance and quality of life!

So I gave them a try and here is the low down on their intended use and my thoughts about each product –

SD Pharma InstructionDiindolylmethane DIM – Intended use is for hormonal balance by aiding with healthy levels of 2-hydroxy estrogen and 16-hydroxy estrogen in the body a/k/a Good Estrogen.  Perfect week and a half for me to test this product! (if you catch my drift!)  Suggested use was to take this product 1-2 times daily.  I chose to use it in the morning and at lunch time.  I consistently felt a sense of calm and no edgy hormonal fluctuations in my week and a half which I normally would.

Green Coffee Bean GCB – Formulated for Fat Loss and support for weight loss, Green Coffee Bean was a product that I used 1-3 times per day.  Generally I took this product in the morning before my workouts or training runs and then again before lunch and dinner.  With Fat Loss products I feel you need to test them a little longer to see if they are working, but I did feel like I had a boost of energy during my workouts.

Dendrobium 600 – A member of the orchid plant family and on of 50 fundamental herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it has the name Shihu, used to promote the health of the stomach, kidneys and lungs.  With the elimination of dairy and animal by-products from my diet, I have been worried about making sure my digestive system is still functioning at its very best.  For me, I feel like this product has kept everything in sync so far while continuing to aid the proper function of those vital organs and their help through tough longer runs and workouts.

Raspberry Ketone 200 – Raspberry ketone helps improve fat loss and has the ability to assist in the reduction of fat absorption and support a boost in calorie expenditure and fat breakdown.  I think this was the one product that I was most excited to receive before reading about the others in detail.  I have used other brands of Raspberry Ketone and love it.  I take it in the morning before workouts and after lunch to prevent the afternoon slump.  It is a supplement that I will continue to love.

Garcinia Cambogia 500 – Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) has a dual effect on supporting weight loss.  By supporting healthy serotonin levels (which most of us are generally worried about getting serotonin levels to their healthiest amount possible in the system) and this product is said to also aid in reducing appetite.  While appetite suppressant can be a wonderful thing, I generally tried to take the minimal amount of this as possible.  When you workout or run for training and racing, you generally increase your appetite, which is your body telling you it needs more energy.  You need to restore calories and fuel burned during those workouts for future workouts.  I loved this product on the weekends when I had down time and may have concentrated more on rest days.  Certainly something I will keep in the cabinet for when I need it in the future.

SD Pharma2As noted in the review, each of the products has a different purpose in aiding in increased energy and fat burning.  I am anxious to continue to use these products until they run out to see the ultimate result from completing the bottles with their suggested uses.  While using these products, I never felt jittery or nauseated, as some other products by other brands have made me feel in the past.  Since I workout in the early morning, most of the time I eat little or no food before workouts and often worry about taking a supplement that may potentially hold me back from a good workout, these supplements never inhibited or prevented me from a full all out effort workout.

I want that!Interested in trying the SD Pharmaceutical line of supplements for yourself?  Visit the Where to Buy area on the SD Pharmaceutical webpage and while you are there checkout the other products they have available and don’t forget to check the Stacking instruction sheet for maximal supplement performance combinations.

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  1. These sound good. I always worry about taking things because of what ingredients are in them. If you took them, I am guessing the ingredient list to be agreeable. I might check them out. Happy Wednesday!

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