Silhouette-LargeNever EVER, in a million years, would I think that I would be the writer of my own blog, much less have people actually want to read it besides my family and close friends (if that!).  But here I sit, more than a year into creating my blog, and I am amazed daily that so many are interested and engaged in hearing and/or reading what I have to say.  I attribute a lot of my blogger success to social media and sharing sites.  Yes, we in the blogosphere share every single aspect of our lives at times.  Dinner, workouts, vacations, epic blogging conference trips, new products and exercise gear, the things we have our hands in sometimes seems a little overwhelming but AMAZING nonetheless!

Fit trampolines - I won that!We wake up early to attend fitness classes (some bloggers wake up to teach them), to lead group runs for women in our communities, to create a healthy meal options for breakfast lunch and dinner (yup, we post those foodie pics all the time!), we share fun pictures with our favorite workout buddies and we share triumphs and struggles of just everyday living and trying to make healthy choices ourselves while doing it in some pretty kick butt gear.  We often hear from our family while we are busy being social, about how annoying it is that we post or take photos of every single meal we prepare or eat or moment we have when we go out.  We constantly check our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts.  My husband has come up with a few hysterical names for the social media craze that now exists in our house.

Fitbloggin nation 2013MRTT Chapter Leaders at 2013 Donna Half MarathonAs a member of three large ambassador programs and a co-leader of our Tallahassee Chapter of Moms RUN This Town, I have been welcomed with open arms by my fellow blogging community and their amazing sense of commandery and genuine hope for the betterment of all of us not just their readers.  Sharing success, running races together, attending group exercise sessions together, but most of all, new wonderful friendships have been forged with some of these amazing people.

BadassadorsBut how do we make all of this happen?  Not with some big ‘ole fancy camera or super intelligent and expensive computer, I work directly from my iPhone and iPad devices.  All my Strongerphotos, posts and social media sharing comes straight up mobile!  I mean, sometimes you could be sitting in traffic or in the parking lot and have an inspiring thought and you have to immediately get it on paper and not to be redundant you just use the quote apps or photo collage options and post it right then and there.  Most of my best work has been posted from my iPhone (location while posting, undisclosed).  The technology available to us today enables so much for the writter, brands we work with and more importantly the reader needing that motivation or great meal idea right then.

My husband and I just took a 2 week cross-country vacation to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.  I was able to share my photos with family and friends back home and a few random shots on my gingermantra page.  It was amazing to be able to capture and share those amazing shots immediately.  Here are a few of my favorites all captured with my iPhone!

Rocky Mountain National Park - ColoradoSoda Lake - WyomingGrand Teton National ParkOld Faithful - YellowstoneMeans EPIC Vacation 2013While on our recent vacation, my husband and I were able to hook into my iPad and discover numerous documentaries about food and nutrition that opened our eyes even more to our passion for the local food movement.  While on our journey, we decided to begin our new eating lifestyle as vegetarians.  I couldn’t be more excited about this new change in our approach to food.  While we are just hitting week three of our food plan change we have already seen many changes in our habits, likes and changes to our bodies.  My husband, in classic man form, has already lost 10 pounds (which, in  my opinion, he was already pretty darn lean) and I’ve lost some inches, but more importantly my joint stiffness and recovery from exercise is continuing to improve.  I sweat differently, it seems to not be quite as smelly in my opinion these days.  I was even able to hook into my account and put in an order for some vegetarian books, which in perfect timing for questions I had, arrived yesterday!

Mango Cabbage Broccoli Salad with Shallot Citrus VinaigretteI’m looking forward to being able to share new and flavorful recipe ideas that are very affordable to readers.  I have already posted my first of those this week with my Mango Cabbage Broccoli Salad recipe that we devoured the entire batch over just two meals.

So with all that being said, I say another big thank you to all my long-time followers and welcome to all the new readers.  I look forward to continue sharing my journey with you on the social media highway.  Hang on, it’s gonna be a magnificent ride!

8 thoughts on “Social Media and Technology changes EVERYTHING! (I’m feeling a little sentimental this week)

  1. Interesting comment about your sweating differently. When I teach my group fitness classes I sweat a TON and enter the extreme sniffy zone — As in “off putting, put the window down” kind of way. Thank goodness my iPhone does NOT capture my workout scent! But it does capture my red hair. Go Gingers!

    1. Absolutely! Thank goodness there is no such thing as a smell phone. 😉

  2. Beautiful photos! My daughter just submerged my ipad and it’s broken 🙁 I’m so sad! I used it for nearly everything! I hate being tied to a laptop!

  3. Really cool about “finding” a new eating lifestyle while on vacation! I think we generally think of vacations as making bad food choices, so that’s refreshing to hear.

    I’m with ya – I’m so glad for my iPhone because I always randomly have ideas popping up in my head at who knows when!

  4. Love this! I am much the same way that without technology I would likely be in a totally different place in my life. Technology and apps helped me find fitness and healthy living and inspired me to start a blog. It’s amazing what the convenience of technology can inspire. 🙂

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