StrengthIt’s not always about will and determination and for me that’s just not acceptable!  For the past two months (or possibly more when I think really far back about it) I have struggled to just get through the day.  Most of the time it began with the simple act of getting out of bed and for someone who has to be up and ready to Coach at least once per week at 5:15 am, that truly takes more than sheer will to get  you there.  Finally last week, with many tears and fears, I made an appointment with my doctor to get some blood work done to figure out just what the HECK was going on with my body.  I could no longer take the long days of trying to push through the extreme exhaustion and still try to keep up with my workouts on top of it all.  I had lost the will and determination to even motivate myself to push through some of my lowest points and I just could not allow that to happen anymore.

So after coaching my Thursday class last week I headed to the lab to have blood drawn and then waited for what seemed to be the longest 5 days EVER!  Then yesterday I got the call from the doctor’s office and was immediately overjoyed that all my issues where nothing too major and could be fixed with a simple adjustment and in the long-term being more conscious of my issue to prevent future problems, Extreme Vitamin D Deficiency.  I had read so many times that this deficiency is very common in the world.  Even though we get out in the sun and maybe eat all the right things, we just don’t get enough Vitamin D on a daily basis and for me, it was severely depleted and taking me down.  A simple nap that would normally be 30 minutes had turned into 4 hours.  Recovery from workouts that should take mere hours, took days.  Short runs that should be quick training runs, stretched out to longer finish time.  So after I received the call from my doc I immediately headed to the pharmacy to get the prescription for my 12-week Vitamin D therapy (Yes, there is actually a degree at which you must get a prescription to help you) and I began my therapy yesterday.

Throughout the afternoon yesterday, I still had lulls in my energy and pushed through my hour-long Krav Maga class last night, hit the bed early and hoped for the best with a new day today.  And a NEW DAY was just what I got.  As I hit the studio this morning for Tabata Bootcamp, I was energized and able to push through all the exercise (well, until my triceps fatigued from the bands we were using) and those push-ups and burpees, DONE with no issue.  I am truly ecstatic about having the old stronger me back and cannot wait to take on the final 4 weeks of my 8-week Tabata Bootcamp program.

Speaking of which, we had our 4 week assessment on Monday and though I was still in a low point and depressed I was happy with an inch loss in my waist and noticeable changes in my appearance compared to my day 1 assessment.  I have been able to do push ups that I have not been able to do in more than a year, which is really exciting to me to have my upper body strength back to that degree.

Halfway Tabata Bootcamp Assessment

But even more exciting news this week!  On Saturday I had the opportunity to take the Tabata Bootcamp certification and became a certified instructor for our programs being held at Badass Fitness Studio and will be teaching the Monday night classes for the Summer session beginning on June 2nd!  Truly invoking the TEACH IT, LIVE IT, BE IT mentality!  This was also my 2nd certification this year and I am studying for my personal training certification which I really want to knock out next on my Fitness Resume!  But big things often take baby steps to accomplish and I am taking my time to be sure I am ready.

Tabata Bootcamp CertificationThis week has taught me . . . .

Seek answers, live without excuses, dream big and you will be amazing!  Happy Hump Day Peeps!

5 thoughts on “Sometimes sheer will truly ISNT enough & A Tabata Bootcamp Update

  1. Love this. It’s easy for people to assume by pictures/races that someone’s got it together when it’s taking everything just to function. Glad you’re on the upswing and dang, I can totally see progress in your pics! Looking good, girl, and can’t wait to see you!

    1. Thank you Melissa! Yes, it has been a struggle for so long it was becoming the norm to be run down all the time, but when it began to affect my concentration I knew I had to get it checked out! I can’t wait to see you in Savannah!! xo

  2. Great news!! I’m so happy that you’re getting some answers and you’re going to kick butt at the Tabata class! And you get to play with Sir Burpee – wish I was closer and I’d be in all of your classes. 🙂

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