Good Things Come to Those That SweatSometimes we forget and fall down on our journey to making healthier choices by way of eating and/or exercising.  We think if we push ourselves for one specific exercise that is enough.  I was stuck in that rut this year already and I was miserable, sometimes without even knowing that I was.  My runs even began to suffer a bit.  I thought, I run, I’m in shape . . . YEAH, NOT!  Cardiovascular shape is one of the great things runners gain with their sport, but as so many have said time and time again, we cannot live solely on running.  When I started my Tabata Bootcamp 8-week program two weeks ago my reality and lack of “fitness” slapped me all over.  Not only had I put on some pounds but I had lost the gains that I made last year in my intense workout routines that I did cross-training at the gym with my hubby.

So this morning as we checked in for our second assessment, I was happy and sad at the same time.  Sad maybe is not the right word, disappointed in myself would be a better way of putting it.  I had put in two weeks of work and some not so wonderful for you food choices had held me back from my full potential.  But this morning it made me recognize that and that if I made more changes with incorporating even better nutrition, by the next assessment my gains AND losses would be even better and ultimately help me on my journey of being a better athlete.

Tabata Bootcamp 2nd AssessmentSo here are my photos from week one and today’s second assessment.  Though I did not lose pounds, I still lost an inch in my waist which is an area that I really want to improve.  And with getting back up and pushing myself, I know that I will improve even more with the next check-in!

What do you find that holds you back?  Is it the fear of getting started?  The fear of judgment or lack of acceptance?  Whatever it is, I challenge you this week to make one change to get yourself on the road to a healthier happier you!  Share it here to make yourself accountable.

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