This morning I participated in a small local 5k race to benefit our communities theater group, Young Actors Theater. The Break A Leg 5k was a race I signed up for on a whim because my hubs would be heading to a conference on Saturday morning and I wanted to get a little short run in before my long run in Sunday.

The morning was really much colder than I anticipated but I layered up and headed out to be at the event by the 8:30 am start time. I was excited to run this race with a few of my MRTT mamas including my running partner who made time from her busy weekend of yoga certification and another mama that I would find out was making this her first official race! I was excited for great company and had no expectations of pace or even what the course would be like.

As we made the first loop I was lamenting on the fact that we were not even approaching mile 1 and I already seemed to feel tired. Maybe it was my Valentine’s night food indulgences or the drinks I had enjoyed, nonetheless I pushed on. As we turned the corner to the out course of the race we were faced with our first big hill and I pushed through it. I knew that looking ahead to my marathon next Sunday in Jacksonville to #RunDONNA there would be many of these and some back-to-back. The words that came to mind this morning . . . Suck It Up Buttercup . . . And up we went.

That hill would be the first of 4 or 5 and the last doozie set before us at around 2.7, which was almost at the finish line. I told myself that I could walk but if I wanted to prove I was truly prepared for those bridges I would push up this monster and so I got my breath, leaned forward and willed myself and my legs up that hill! When I reached the top I knew this little 5k was what I needed to get me mentally where I needed and should be heading into next week.

My time for this 5k was good at a 29:58 finish and I was happy to see my pace was steady and under 10 minutes. I normally focus on slow and steady, but this race I wanted to add a little more speed for a challenge. This proved to myself that sometimes you just have to be prepared to push YOURSELF to get where you want to be even when the urge to give up seems so much stronger.

Tomorrow I will run my long run and begin to prep for marathon weekend in Jacksonville. I will work on race outfits and fuel options but most of all I will continue to show myself that no matter what, I can do all things when I believe I can!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and until next week, hoping you have swift feet and happy miles!

Gingermantra . . . xo