logoWith a full training schedule and races scheduled for every single weekend in the Spring, it has been a tough recovery period for me to say the least.  I struggled through my last half marathon in March with a nagging hamstring issue and a new knee ache in my opposite leg.

I am not the biggest fan of running in my compression socks unless the temps are cooler and I find myself mostly sticking to my token running skirts for race day.  Immediately following my races, especially when in my hometown, I try to get home as quickly as possible and soak in an Epsom Salt bath for at least 20 minutes to get a jump-start on my recovery.  This technique helps most of the time, but the nagging hamstring pain, even with foam rolling, just seemed relentless.

I purchased another brand’s thigh sleeve to attempt to put the emphasis for recovery on the specific area of issue, but when it arrived I was very sad to see it was far too small to fit on my thigh comfortably (as comfortable as compression is supposed to be that is).  Luckily, I was able to give it away to another friend and runner to use for her issues.

So finally in a last-ditch attempt to find the compression gear to help the way I needed it for my recovery, I looked up Spun Performance Apparel.  Initially I was contemplating another pair of compression sleeves because sometimes it seemed that my pain was a referring pain from my calves, but when I contacted them I expressed interest in trying out their Women’s Compression Shorts to see if they would give me some relief.  Thankfully, relief seemed to be within my grasps.

spun compression shorts

After receiving my compression shorts and starting a new week of training, I began wearing my compression shorts immediately following my Epsom Salt baths and also to sleep in the nights that my pain seemed to be the worst.  Most nights I cannot tolerate compression, and I have read that it’s also not always recommended, to sleep in either my compression clothing or my socks/sleeves.  But the pain relief from the compression seemed to subside enough to allow me to get some restful sleep without waking up to the nagging dull ache of my hamstring issues.

But with all that said, how did the compression shorts help with my pain during my runs?  Well, I have put in a lot of miles over the past few months of 2013 and I must say that with the added compression I have gotten from my shorts, my hamstring pain is tolerable and somewhat non-existent these days.  Yes, I have been more proactive to wearing my shorts, making sure I soak in the salts and that I spend some time on the floor with my foam roller, but I must say that I attribute a lot of my relief to the construction and compression that I have gotten from this product.

Here is a little more product detail information from Spun Performance Apparel –


Spun Performance Apparel was born out of necessity.  When our founders began searching for compression apparel to aid them in their performance and to speed up their recovery, they shared a common sentiment, “Why’s this stuff so expensive?”  So, they set out to try to find the answer.  There were a few factors that led to most legitimate compression apparel being so expensive:

  • It’s sold through retail locations, so there is an extra level of markup, sometimes as high as 200%;
  • Many compression apparel companies pay athletes to wear their gear;
  • It’s worth it.
While we share their sentiment on the final point, we wholeheartedly disagree with the first two.
Why drive to a specialty running or cycling store to try something on for a minute or two in a cramped dressing room when you can order online and try it on in the comfort of your own home.  If it doesn’t fit, we’ll pay for you to ship it back to us.
Why should you care who else is wearing the gear you wear?  The only important thing is your gear helps YOU to perform YOUR best and to recover quickly so that you can get back to training as soon as possible.
Seeing our gear on a marathon winner’s back doesn’t make you any faster or stronger (except that you might be a little lighter in the wallet!).  You might see some athletes wearing our gear, but rest assured, it was their choice and we’re not paying them.

Our products are made with technologically advanced fabrics specifically designed to exceed the needs of athletes wearing our gear.

 Compression Clothing

70% Polyester / 30% Elastane

High-denier yarns

Techknit for 360 degree stretch

SPF50+ Sun Protection

Moisture Wicking

Anti-Microbial Properties Built Into Fabric (Not a spray that washes off over time)

Ergonomic 3D Patterning and Cutting to Ensure a Perfect Fit

PowerSkinTM Fabric

Silicon bead around bottom of shirts and top of pants / shorts to ensure that clothing doesn’t ride up or down

Spun Performance Apparel offers a range of compression products for both men and women and what I love just as much as the quality and result of the product is the price.  Very reasonably priced quality products will get me to become a return customer every single time!  While Spun Performance did send me my compression shorts for the purposes of review, I will return to shop for more products to add to my training and recovery arsenal!
Checkout Spun Performance Apparel for yourself and let them know gingermantra sent you.
**Spun Performance Apparel did send me a free product, but I was not monetarily compensated for the review of their products**

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try shorts, but also hate tight ones. Glad you reviewed these… I may just stick to my socks. Husband already claims I spend too much!

  2. I love compression shorts, but I don’t like their price tags! The price on these is actually pretty damn good. I use Aspaeris, but only try buy them when they are on sale. I may have to try some of these!

  3. I feel like I need a full body compression suit! I have recently started running in compression socks but still feel like I need something for my legs. I may have to check these out!

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