Tambra Means Post-WorkoutAs I end my week heading into race weekend, I just loved spending my Friday morning with my Tabata Bootcamp Core group.  We meet at 6 am and work all-out for 45 minutes strengthening that core and working together to be stronger.  Every rep counts in the Studio and we pride ourselves on encouraging our clients to try their best, even if their best doesn’t always include the super advanced moves that your neighbor is busting out each round.  We encourage to get there, no matter what course today’s workout has you doing.  Knowing that eventually you WILL conquer those tough moves, EVEN the burpee!

Tambra Means BurpeeToday as class was doing their partner drill of abdominal rotation variations, I found myself without a partner.  For me, taking fitness classes over the course of my life, I found that I get REALLY frustrated with the instructor(s) that take the easy way out and just continue to bark orders at us as we were “I’m dyin’ over here” pushing through the course of the workout!  So this morning I opted to do the Burpee while students did the drill.  I’ll admit, yes, I did take a break a few rounds to check on their form, but I never just sat back and did nothing.  There I am, mid-burpee!

At the Studio, Burpees bring grumbles, almost as bad as Brutals (which is a whole other beast that I won’t take time to get into here!)  There are burpees in workout routines, there are burpees in warm ups, burpees in drills and then we also spread the love with Birthday Burpees.  This means everyone in class wishes you a happy birthday once they complete the total number of burpees that corresponds to how old you are turning.  It’s a fun, strength building exercise that most people shy away from because, well, IT’S FREAKIN’ HARD!

Core Partner DrillsSo this week I leave you with a thought . . . No matter how hard the exercise that your trainer, coach or fitness instructor asks that you to do seems, push through and do what you can because I promise you that ONE DAY you’ll be busting those exercises out like a boss!  And when you need to or when someone asks you to “Stop, Drop & Burpee,” you’ll be strong and READY!  Challenge yourselves, not for someone else, but FOR YOU!

Be strong my friends!  Stay humble!  And WORK HARD!

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