This year has been about creating the “me” that I can look in the mirror and be proud of.  Cross-training, coaching, running less and keeping my nutrition in check, it is a daily task that isn’t so daunting these days.

See it syncs Polar V800As many know, this year I was given the opportunity to work with my all time favorite heart rate monitor brand, Polar.  I have used their products for years, beginning with my FT60 that my husband purchased for me for Christmas several years back and then the RC3 GPS that I purchased in March of 2015 to use to train for and race in the Chicago Marathon because it was a rechargeable product, and this year, my most favorite of all my Polar products, my Polar V800.  The MAC-DADDY (my PRECIOUS) of them all!  The Polar V800 has the capability to load sport-specific workouts to your device and is also Bluetooth enabled for the most effective connectivity to other Polar products.  Each week it learn something new that this awesome piece of arm candy provides as feedback.

Polar Balance ScaleOne product that communicates through Bluetooth with my Polar V800 within the Polar Flow app on my iPhone is the Polar Balance scale which has gained popularity because of the feedback it provides based on your current weight and daily workouts loaded.  “OMG, you weigh in everyday!?!?”  YES, I weigh every morning just before I head out the door for my workouts or classes I coach, it keeps me accountable for my day.  NO, I do not obsess over the number, instead quite the opposite.  I use the information as a tool in my nutrition and fitness routine.  The Polar Flow application even communicates with the My Fitness Pal food tracking system, which allows you to track your food for even more information and feedback.  I 1000% agree that weighing in every day IS NOT for everyone, and that’s TOTALLY fine.  You should always do what works best for YOU in order to keep a positive outlook instead of negative self-talk.   I use it as a building block for gauging types food intake and if I am consuming the right foods to support my exercise routines by showing fluctuations in workouts vs. nutrition, but without overdoing either, hence the ‘balance’ effect.

Here is a look at what the Polar Balance information looks like in the iPhone app:

Polar Flow - Balance Bluetooth SynchingPolar Flow - BalanceThe image on the left shows the Polar Flow waiting for you to step on the Balance scale in order for the daily weight to be loaded.  The image on the right is the feedback that the Polar Flow gives once your weight for the day has been uploaded and analyzing your workouts and your weight based on your set goals.

The Polar Flow app also provides weight trend information for added feedback if you are looking to hit a specific weight goal over a period of time and not just for the feedback of nutrition, weight or workouts as a single area.

This year for me, it took some time to stop focusing on the number and more about realizing what actual ‘healthy’ weight loss, as compared to just the BIG numbers fast, which are usually not sustainable.  Since, as I said, I wanted to focus more on getting stronger this year and tracking as much as I could to see what workouts were giving my body what I really needed in order to reach my goals, and the Polar Balance is giving me just that.  A great tool for seeing when and where I need to make adjustments, if any, and a place to give me a BIG PICTURE look at my progress.

As we are now a third of the way through July, I have now looked back to 2015, when I spent the entire summer or 6 grueling, exhausting and very sick months, training for the Chicago Marathon.  I was spending very little time cross-training and my nutrition was mediocre, at best.  I think the biggest misconception with distance running for many newbies or novice runners is that you if you run everyday that will just drop the pounds and you can eat pretty much anything.  Big.Fat.LIES!  Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion, you should allow yourself guilt-free times to have the things you are craving, just not everyday or every meal.

Get MovingNow, fast forward to this year and the end of June, I have incorporated more cross-training, strength workouts, I am much better at focusing on nutrition and I spend less time during the week running.  But the one thing I have found with those changes, besides dropping pounds, is increased speed.  EUREKA!  Something we all hope for, but some of us have a hard time figuring out just how to get there the healthy way.

 Here is a look at where I was October 2015 compared to June 2016

October 2015 versus June 2016Today, I am 25 pounds lighter along with inches lost, 100% stronger and 1000% more confident in myself and my abilities, which makes me a stronger all around instructor/coach and sometimes, student myself.  I feel so much healthier and happier and that’s all due to the work and planning that I have put in this year.

Work for the results you want - July 2016So, what’s in store for the rest of 2016?  Well, I have a plan along with several goals on my list to get done over the next 6 months.  Some of them are small and some are really big, but they are goals that I will keep working towards.  Never forgetting to allow myself find balance in my journey and making time to take in the little things that we often let fall by the wayside.

I have some amazing cheerleaders, wonderful workout partners and a great team of coaches pushing me through each workout and I am certain that by December, I’ll be right where I saw myself working towards January 4th when I began this No.More.Excuses! path.

If you are interested in learning more about the Polar Brand:

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Until next time, WORK HARD and take time to look back on what you’ve already conquered, give yourself credit and use that as a tool to just keep going!