For more than a year now, I have incorporated the products from Hedstrom Fitness into my weekly classes.  Whether it be the BOSU Balance Trainer or the Kamagon Ball, the use of these products are meant to increase stability and core power, and they deliver every single time.

Earlier this year I was excited to be named as on of the 2017 Hedstrom Fitness product Ambassadors.  Sharing the love for these products that continue to challenge not only clients, but my self each week.  Helping build stronger bodies, aid in fitness goals and for me, increase my core strength and balance making me a more efficient runner.

But what are these products from Hedstrom Fitness and what are their best uses?

Most everyone has seen or heard of the BOSU Balance Trainer, but what is this Kamagon Ball I speak of!?  Well, it closely resembles a medicine ball in shape, handles like a kettle bell to allow for increased uses in fitness routines and filled with water (to desired weight ratio holding between 1-13 lbs of water) to build strength.  The Kamagon Ball is currently available in two sizes, a 14″ diameter or a 9″ diameter.  Even though the Kamagon Ball (proudly made in the USA) is made of plastic it is soft enough to not require gloves for workouts and durable enough to not damage flooring when dropped.  This is especially important for fast paced workouts that require multiple pieces of equipment and quick transition between.  It utilizes Hydro-Inertia Technology, which is the use of water to create unstable resistance to build strength and stability.  But you can read more about the Hydro-Inertia Technology by clicking on About Kamagon.

I currently work with the 9″ diameter Kamagon Ball because it is more manageable to incorporate with other equipment during workouts.  But you can certainly work with the Kamagon Ball as a single piece of equipment and still get a great challenging workout in.  I LOVE these things!  There are so many options for moves that you can use it for.  I personally love it for Butterflies and Goblet Squats, but here are a few great examples of starter moves that you can transition to more advanced movements:

Lunge Press – You can begin this move in a slow controlled motion and then once you are comfortable with the movement increase your speed.  It’s a great single side exercise to allow you to focus on the movement rather than switching between repetitions and losing the intensity of the movement.

Sumo Squat Tricep Press – This is also another great beginner exercises for incorporating full-body motion with the resistance of the Kamagon Ball for additional strength building in the tricep muscles.  You could also break this exercise down to only the tricep press for a more focused move.

Oblique Twist – Because we all want that stronger core!  Position yourself with a strong stance and use the oblique muscles to rotate side to side.  This is a great beginner move to get you ready to move to more advanced core exercises.

I’m also sharing the full Friday Five video that I shared in January which incorporates both the Kamagon Ball and the Surge, another great use of unstable water to give you maximum core strength and stability building.  You can do these movements based on time or repetitions.  A great baseline would be to do 10-15 repetitions of each exercise or 45 seconds each exercise with a small 10 second break between for 2-3 rounds each.

How can you get your own and is it reasonably priced!?

The 9″ Kamagon Ball that I use each week is very inexpensive, coming in at just $49.95.  By adding this and the other Hedstrom Fitness equipment items to your home or office, you can reduce your need to actually join a group fitness facility if that does not fit into your long-term monthly budget.

So head over to Hedstrom Fitness and grab yours now and join me when I share new moves and uses for the Kamagon Ball and Surge through 2017 that you can do on your own or with your best workout buddy and let’s build our best bodies.

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