StrongerRXRTG Gloves PackageI always find it so painful when I get in a good strength training workout and spend the rest of my day nursing my blisters or developing calluses on my hands.  I know that some treasure those workout war wounds as a right of passage, so to speak, and the more grotesque the better, but not this chick.  Since healing from wounds is already a huge issue for me, I cannot afford to have added issues with hand healing.  So when I started cross-training again on days that I was off from running I decided to give the products from StrongerRX a try.

StrongerRX RTG Gloves

The Fit – I ordered size medium and the fit was perfect.  I slipped them on and they were comfortable and did not bunch or gather at all during my workout.  Even though there was no padding in the palm, I walked away without any early signs of calluses like I generally do with my other brand of workout gloves.  The velcro closure is perfectly set and does not cause rubbing on my wrist during dumbbell curls, front straight bar delt raises or overhead presses, which I loved.

The Grip – I was able to maintain my grip throughout my workout with the RTG Glove, which is something I struggle with a lot since I have a lot of joint weakness in both of my upper extremities and particularly my hands.  The glove grip allowed me to hold onto the row bars and the dumbbells to prevent slipping and I was able to concentrate on my form and not if I would drop the weight or the bar slip out, as I have done during previous workouts.

The Hand Protection – Full finger option is totally my new favorite workout glove preference.  Not only does it allow my grip to stay tight, it keeps my hands clean and free of whatever is lurking on those sweaty gym equipment machines.  No more worrying about pinching on my exposed fingertips nor touching a dirty gym floor.  Though I first felt like I was gearing up to play a game of ball, the full finger option of these gloves proved to be the best choice for me at the end of my workout.

The Construction – I love the quality construction of this glove.  With minimal stitching in the finger area, it seems like this glove will certainly outlast previous workout gloves that I have.  I always have a problem with the finger area unraveling and I don’t see that as a future issue with the StrongerRX RTG Glove which makes it even more worth the price to me.

RTG GlovesSo if you are looking to try a new workout glove and want the added benefit of grip help and full hand protection, give StrongerRX RTG Gloves a try!  You can purchase them online for $40 per pair.  With their awesome customer service, StrongerRX will have you lifting with confidence in no time!

** Disclaimer – I was provided product from StrongerRX in which I have written this blog. All opinions and suggestions are my own. – Tammy Means



5 thoughts on “StrongerRX RTG Gloves – Got Grip!?!

  1. INTERESTING!! the only reason I lift sans gloves is Im convinced Ill forget them one day and then…skip the lifting 🙂
    Id love to try these too as 40.00 is a deal IMO.

  2. I hate it when I forget my gloves. I’m not at all interested in proving how tough my workouts are by having calloused hands (and my hubby appreciates the preventative hand care too!). I’ve never tried full finger gloves, but you may have changed my mind! Thanks for the review.

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