imagesCAAPYLIYStruggling through Exhaustion and Lack of Enthusiasm

I must say, boy am I happy to have March 2013 behind me.  It got me another year closer to 40, which I was totally ok with, but other than that, March seems to keep me on a seemingly endless roller-coaster of emotions and exhaustion.

Even writing this blog today, I find myself struggling to find my inner inspiration.  Maybe I have writers block, maybe I have put in too many miles, maybe I am just exhausted or maybe I am finding myself getting burned out.  This week I committed to two group runs with our Tallahassee Chapter of Moms RUN This Town.  These runs were routed to take us on 7 miles each day and I signed up for both runs because as the hostess of the event, I felt somewhat obligated.

On Monday, after attending a double funeral for two family members that were lost in a sudden tragedy, I made sure that I was on time to get the first of two runs under my belt for the week.  I needed to blow off the emotional steam and also I needed to clear my head.  I love to zone out on runs to clear out the emotions and cobwebs that build on non-running days.  I met our group at 6:30 in the evening and we set off for our loop run.

Summer heat has already began to set in in North Florida which also gets compounded by the rising humidity.  Most of the route seems to take us into the direct setting sun heat, but as we round corners we get some breezes and shade reprieve.  We had five Mama’s join us on the run and I was happy to be able to take this run slow and easy for the six hill course.

Tuesday arrived and I was apprehensive about my second group run all day.  Thinking that I had over-extended myself on my commitments and then resolving that even if I walk a lot of this run at least I would be out there getting miles in.  We met an hour earlier on Tuesday, which meant the temperatures were still high and with a front approaching, humidity was also much higher.  Boy did I feel it.  Dehydration is a horrific thing to deal with on a run, even if you have hydrated all day.  You don’t realize just how quickly dehydration can set in.  Midway through the start of this run I was ready to give up.  I just wanted to walk and be kind to my legs.  I pushed myself to run off and on several times before I just gave up to walk at mile 4.

Looking back, I know that I should not have committed myself to back to back long run days because you must give your body time to rest, but in retrospect, I think I was trying to find something to spark some enthusiasm in an otherwise dreary beginning of Summer months.

This weekend will be our big local run here in Tallahassee at the Springtime Tallahassee 10K, which is exciting for me in so many ways.  It will be something that I am excited to write about next week for sure and I can’t wait to continue to get my running mojo back!

My quote for this week has been stuck in my head, “sometimes even the inspiring need a little inspiration . . . “

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. Last summer I just about wrote the same type of blog post. I would suggest backing off a little bit and also checking into adrenal fatigue. I deal with it and it sucks. you are told that if you exercise you will have more energy but when you have no energy to start with, it makes it really hard to start anything. I would find myself exhausted after a run and could take a nap immediately after and I rarely have the adrenaline rush that runners talk about. take care of you and then you can be the best you can be. 🙂

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