Moms RUN This Town Running Mad VirtualThis summer has been a doozie to get training runs in to prepare for the fall race season.  Our Chapter of Moms RUN This Town participated in the summer virtual, Moms RUN This Town – Running Mad, created by our National affiliate page and while we had big aspirations to complete it as a virtual half marathon, we decided just a week before that we would run the race as a group and cut the distance to a doable 10k or 5k option since the heat and  humidity have plagued a lot of our runners, including myself.

In the months leading up to the virtual race my co-leader and I contacted vendors to get samples for our members to receive in a race swag bag which we had an overwhelming response and received a lot of great samples for the women.  I mean, who doesn’t love a free bag of goodies and even more, products you can use for preparing for a run!?  We spent a lot of time trying to accommodate as many of the members as we could to maximize participation, even going as far as scheduling the run time at 6:30 am to avoid the heat and humidity as much as possible.  And after all the planning the day finally arrived this past Saturday for us to get our virtual done.  We were excited to hear that we initially had about 20 members committed to come out and join us, many of whom had only joined our chapter just a month earlier.  We love new faces to get miles in with!

Summer Running Mad VirtualI was also excited to receive my YMX by Yellowman apparel to try on this run.  Super lightweight tops that wick away the sweat, perfect for this run.  The photo on the left is of my Flat Mama for the race.  A Flat Mama is something we post on our Chapter page as a way of showing our enthusiasm for the upcoming race and it helps to make sure you don’t forget anything you will need on race morning.  The picture includes everything (almost) that we will wear/use the next day for the race.  It’s totally a chick thing, but we love it.  My husband always makes some funny comment when he sees the outfit on the floor.

Saturday morning came and I woke up to pouring rain around 3:00 am.  Immediately I felt excitement, but also a little down since I knew that some may not come out and run in the pouring rain, especially those members that had planned on bringing their little ones to push in a stroller due to childcare unavailability.  I was excited because I remembered just a few short weeks ago, while participating in my first triathlon, how much more tolerable running was when it was raining (as long as there was not lightning) and it did not seem to wear me down as quickly.  I was able to get in another hour of sleep and then got up to get everything packed into the car to go and pick up my co-leader and running partner Tammy.

We met at one of our regular local longer route spots across town which gives us some good hilly terrain and ends with some nice flat surface areas all long a full sidewalk route for safety.  When Tammy and I arrived we were excited to see so many already there and waiting to run with us.  The rainy weather did keep a couple of our regular ladies home which we missed having run this race with us, but we were grateful to have so many others turn out.  Once we arrived, we greeted the ladies and went ahead and handed our the swag bags in case anyone needed to leave before we returned from the run and then we got together for a traditional group photo before the run. (I mean who wants a sweaty group photo after-the-fact especially in the rain!?)  Here is a shot of all our ladies on Saturday morning.  We are glowing . . . or at least our eyes and gear are.

MRTT Virtual Run Group PhotoAfter the photos we all discussed the final routes for the run and then set out for our desired distances.  Tammy and I chose the 10K route (a/k/a 6.2 Miles) which I had already decided I would take slower so that I would be able to finish running.  We had some really enthusiastic ladies, which really made the run more fun even in the dreary weather.

YMX by YellowmanWe hit the first stretch of our run which consists of about 3 good back to back hills.  I kept my pace around 11:30 and was feeling really good, more so because of my really comfortable choice of gear.  My YMX Elemental Air Raglan Tee-Navy was perfect for this weather.  Made from MadKool construction of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex, this SPF 30 shirt was AWESOME!  While it was raining for the first 3 miles of the run, the shirt still continued to keep me cool but also turned into the equivalent of a dive skin or rash guard.  I was very thankful to not finish this run with shirt rash as could have been the case with one of my other shirts I run with.  The rain made the temperature cool and I was thankful that it kept in some of the needed body heat while allowing the water to not weigh me down as it was raining.  I LOVE THIS GEAR!

After we rounded the corner to the final 3 miles of the run, the rain stopped and I was worried.  As I said in the beginning, I have been plagued in training runs from the heat and humidity and even though it was still early in the morning, post rain humidity in Florida feels like a killer when you are running.  I told Tammy that I was not looking forward to the last 3 miles and wished the rain would return, but it did not and we pushed on.

We turned the corner to the last big hill of the course and pushed up.  We both decided that we would leave our phones a/k/a music and headphones in the car to prevent them from getting damaged by the rain, but we had also 86’d the hydration bottles to carry and we were both feeling dehydration by mile 5.  I told Tammy, we just have one more little hill to make it up and we have a full cooler of water and sports drinks that we can look forward to.  We pushed on and even took time to save a small turtle that was attempting to cross the busy highway we were running along side.

We came in and finished the 10K in just over an hour, which I was totally proud of since we had finished running and enjoyed about 30 minutes of conversation with the other members.  It’s always such a great way to finish a run by sharing some time reflecting on what obstacles you ran into along with what you loved/hated about the run.  After a while, Tammy and I headed out for a coffee stop and then to meet her little one and her husband for a post-race breakfast at a local diner.  Here’s a shot of me and her little man just before we had breakfast.  (Isn’t he a cutie!?)  It turned out to be a great day to run even with the pouring rain start.  I loved I finished my summer races with this run and I am looking forward to training and running in the cooler temps of the fall.

Post Race Breakfast

Interested in more information about YMX by Yellowman and their line of products?  Visit their website and checkout all the gear they have available for men and women from items for running and cycling to yoga and ski wear.  You can also follow YMX by Yellowman on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates on new products and designs available.  YMX by Yellowman #LifeArtSport

** Disclaimer – I was sent products from YMX by Yellowman in return for this blog post. While I was compensated with product, all opinions and suggestions are my own. – Tammy Means

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