SUNWARRIOR Vegan SupplementsAs a new vegetarian and dabbling into veganism, I often find it hard to find options that manufacturers are not trying to sneak in vegan no-nos that often slip through the cracks with most simple vegetarian options.  My energy levels are something that I constantly battle with even though I get my veggies in as my diet and exercise plan calls for.  So my supplement finding adventure began and I reached out to SUNWARRIOR, a vast lineup of Vegan supplement options that toughts themselves as having the Best Vegan Supplements, with raw plant-based proteins and other vitamin and mineral options to aid with getting all you need to be your best Warrior.

Here is a little info from SUNWARRIOR –

SUNWARRIOR was born on a warm Arizona evening during the Sedona Raw Spirit Festival. Two different men with different dreams met with one desire, to create a company and a product that benefit mankind and the planet mankind occupies.

Nick Stern began juicing in his teens, earning him the nickname “NatureBoy” early on. In his twenties he competed as a body builder and played semi-pro sports. At the time, being an athlete meant consuming massive amounts of animal products and by-products. After his competitive career ended, his body felt toxic, racked with aches and pain. He turned back to a plant-based diet, the pain bled away, and Nick felt a renewed sense of wellness.

Denley Fowlke received his first true call to action when he became a father of twin girls just beginning their lives with serious, life-threatening conditions. He and his wife, Jan, embarked on a quest for the knowledge to save their children. Denley learned that many answers to health issues could be found in nutrition and nature. His daughters recovered, but his quest never ended.

The two men combined their dreams, their savvy business personalities, and their environmental consciousness to create SUNWARRIOR, a company committed to making the best plant-based products while elevating humanity and preserving the planet.

When I received my package of samples from SUNWARRIOR I was excited to see such a variety of options to try.

Warrior Blend Protein – This yummy protein option is available in three flavors – Natural, Chocolate and Vanilla with NO GMO, Gluten Free, Hormone Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free and for those allergy sufferers, this protein is also Hypoallergenic!  You can mix it in your favorite batch of protein pancakes (many vegan friendly options are out there to give a shot), you can add to your morning smoothie and you can also just use as a great meal replacement shake during the day or post workout!  Just 100 calories per serving, I love this stuff!

Immune Shield – A great Immune System booster, which I often find myself searching for with a compromised Immune System.  This product delivers fortified Fulvic Acid and Silver Ion Complex which helps boost the body’s fight against immune attackers.  This booster can be mixed right into your favorite smoothies or beverages or taken straight.  I recommend mixing in your favorite smoothie so you get the added boost with your veggies and fruits all at once.

Activated Barley – A great endurance booster!  SUNWARRIOR’s Activated Barley can be added to anything.  I loved trying this out before a long run and could tell a difference in my endurance level on a very stressful hilly route.  I also loved that I did not experience any stomach upset that generally shy’s me away from trying something that says Barley pre-run.  I will certainly be investing in more of this endurance booster!

Sunwarrior-Raw-Vegan-SupplementsThese are just a few of the items in an amazing lineup of supplements offered by SUNWARRIOR!  I am looking forward to trying and incorporating more of their products into my daily supplement routine and keeping myself in top-notch form for race season and the impending cold and flu season.  Be sure to checkout SUNWARRIOR online and read more for yourself on their Vegan line of products and don’t forget to check them out on social media by following their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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