Question Mark****DISCLAIMER – Please consult your physician before trying or adding anything new to your daily vitamin/supplement routine****

As I have upped my accountability this week, I’ve found my energy fluctuation a hard task to stay on top of.  But looking to the supplement brands that I currently use, I have continued to find those surges when I need them as long as I am fueling properly in between.

For me, finding a supplement that works for me (which may not work for everyone else, because let’s face it, all supplements are not created equal for all people!)  But being bombarded by brands with their, “Take this new supplement to lose weight fast!”, magazine companies with the incessant, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!” and the never-ending barrage of, “Quick fix energy with one little capsule!”  No wonder everyone finds themselves wondering WHAT THE HECK do I choose!

First off let me say, it’s a process of figuring out what works for you and that also comes with figuring out when you should/need to take it!  I mean, for me, I cannot take most anything on an empty stomach as some supplement bottles suggest.  Yeah, it may curb my hunger, but only because I spend the next few hours feeling like I am going to HURL!  Oh yeah, that’s curbing your hunger, right!?!  (yeah, right)

Right now I  have a few different products that I use to get me through my day, workouts and recovery time, but these work for ME.  I am not in any way suggesting you go out and purchase these specific products for you, I am simply giving comments on what is working for me right now as I battle chronic fatigue each week.

Thrive Capsules IngredientsMorning Burst of Energy – I currently take capsules and wear a 24-hour patch from the makers of the Thrive products.  I get a boost of energy that doesn’t leave me jittery and I can still have my cup of coffee and be perfectly fine.  Because let’s face it, WE GOTTA STILL HAVE OUR COFFEE!  The thrive capsules can be used in 2 parts, 1 capsule in the morning and 1 capsule in the afternoon OR I take them both at the same time right after I brush my teeth in the morning.  Then I place the patch on the underside of my upper arm, switching sides the next morning post workout and shower.  (Disclaimer from me about this website – I do receive a small commission from purchases from this site if you place an order; however, you do not have to order bundles if you choose to do so, you may choose below the bundles to purchase individual products like the capsules and/or the 24-hour patch)

SD PharmaceuticalsBefore Meals – 30 minutes before each large meal, like lunch and dinner (I don’t use these at breakfast) I take a Green Coffee Bean and Garcinia Cambogia from SD Pharmaceuticals.  Green Coffee Bean for the support of fat loss, but not super mutant rapid fat loss.  In a controlled way using moderation of fats and carbs in my diet.  Garcinia Cambogia for the support of weight loss.  ‘Cause all women know, we are about that fat/weight loss, but we don’t need those crazy drugs all the time.  I use these products mostly on days that I am less active.  I mean, I need my fat and extra calories on hard workout and running days, I don’t want to be counter productive here!  You gotta be realistic with your goals.

Lemon waterWATER – BOLD IT WITH A DOUBLE UNDERLINE!!  Whatever you gotta do!!  No, it’s not an actual supplement and it’s totally under used, in my opinion!  I hydrate all day.  Optimum water consumption for me is at least 8 glasses per day.  I like to add lemon to the water to increase my body’s ability to hang on to the water to support my muscles while working out and running.  For me, cutting sodas was something I did years ago, but I struggled with the use of sports drinks during/post exercise.  Happy to say that now I don’t even buy them and I bring my water bottle instead.  Yes, you should certainly make sure that you are getting enough sodium if you are doing intense exercise, but you can get that without adding those empty calories from typical sports drinks on the market.

Before Bed – Bedtime is often not a struggle for me.  I mean I get up almost every day at 4:30 or 5:00 am.  By the time I finish dinner and clean up the kitchen I’m ready to veg out on the couch and then not too soon after, hit the pillow!  But some nights, especially when I teach bootcamp on Monday nights at 7 pm, I struggle to turn my body off and get ready for bed.  So I use the natural supplement Melatonin a few hours before bed to help me get into sleepy mode.  I love that this product is a natural supplement and you can take it as you need.  No loading process and no crazy side effects.

Some other amazing products that I incorporate that are great to try are:

Algae Based Products – The line of algae products from EnergyBits, which offer recovery, energy, weight-loss and vitality.  I am an EnergyBits Product Ambassador and you can receive 30% off your order by using code GingerMantra at checkout.  (I receive no monetary payment for the use of this code)

Natural Dairy-Free Probiotics – Since I cut out dairy in my diet, I find I need a little help with keeping probiotics hard at work in my gut, which helps aid in normal intestinal function so I incorporated a vegetarian chewable version of Acidophilus which I take once in the morning and once in the evening before meals with a full glass of water.

Acid Reflux/Heartburn Aids – For those days when I have a little too much acid in my stomach, I’ll grab a small handful (about 5) chewable Papaya Enzymes which help ease heartburn or acid reflux without taking those nasty pharmaceutical grade options.

So I would say, that before you go listening to all the “quick fix” options out there, do a little research and find the products that work best for you.  Make sure you read up on how they will help you instead of hurt you.  Quick weight loss is almost NEVER sustainable, you should concentrate on finding vitamins and supplements that help you go farther for the long-term and use those to keep you on track.

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