Beginning training for a Half Marathon takes a lot of energy, will power and just down right AMAZING nutritional supplements to get you through.

As a distributor of a brand that I will not name in this blog, which offers products that promise to deliver the most energy you can get to power through a workout, I find myself unable to use them.  With my new fitness goal of training for a half marathon, not being able to use those products could mean trouble for me.  Caffeine gets you going, but I cannot consume coffee because it makes me physically ill, my go-to caffeine pills that deliver the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee are beginning to bother me and I cannot take most energy supplements without some stomach irritation.  So in a quest for more than food energy, I turned to SWOLE® Sports Nutrition products and their line of Energy Stacks.

I chose to try the Turbo Shred™ which is a thermogenic complex product that claims to deliver more energy with added Raspberry Ketone to aid in controlling appetite (not why I tried the product, but I gave it a shot), taken with PreWrek™ a pre-workout energy booster that they claim increases the quality and intensity of your workout, which I really need on all of my long runs.  Pushing through a good mid-level 6.2 mile run with slight elevation (I live in Florida, we don’t have many epic hills) after a day of sitting at the office can prove to be a very daunting task, especially when you can visualize getting home and winding down from a day at the office.  But alas, I only have two and a half months to finish my training for what will be my first half marathon, so I gave these products a try.

Here is how and when I used them and how I felt about them when I finished ~

In the mornings on Tuesday and Thursday I get up for a 6 am indoor cycling class that is 45 minutes of pure leg WORK and requires you to muster every single bit of energy you can for the entire workout.  So upon rising at 4:30 am, I take two Turbo Shred™ capsules along with a light consumption of fuel containing protein and forth I go for my cycling workout.  In the late afternoons, when my half marathon training schedule calls for it, I consume my second two Turbo Shred™ capsules along with a serving of PreWrek™ (I love the green apple flavor) about 30-45 minutes before my run.

I ran my first training course on Monday the 19th after using the Energy Stack and was amazed at the energy I had to run my 6.18 mile course.  Places I would normally stop and walk, I found myself pushing through the elevation lift.  Towards the end of my run when I would normally be begging myself to give in to the walk, I pushed through gaining a time pace per mile of 13:04.  What does this mean to me?  I am ONE HAPPY RUNNER!

On the 1st of December I will be participating in my first official 10K race in the Arthritis Foundation of Florida’s 2012 Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis and I have set a personal goal to shave off 20 minutes of my time to finish in 60 minutes or less.  Because without goals, everything else is just ordinary.

So what are my athlete thoughts about the products?  No stomach irritation at all.  No sleepless nights because I took the products too late in the day.  No jitters from over-pumped product enhancement and absolutely no nausea, as I have experienced with other energy “promising” products.  I did experience some slight flushing when I used the PreWrek and wanted to include that in the review for others that may experience this.  It was not uncomfortable, but slightly noticeable.  These products not only promises, it delivers RESULTS!

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