26.2 Donna Breast Cancer MarathonEarlier this year I was so excited to run my very first ever half marathon (race recap here) in Jacksonville, Florida with some amazing running buddies.  It has also still been my fastest half marathon to date, finishing in 2:23, because I enjoyed every single second of every single mile along the way.  I ran with survivors, patients, families and friends of those affected by Breast Cancer from all around the world.  It was the biggest event I had ever participated in at that point and I was overwhelmed with emotion and joy the entire time.  There were supporters out for the runners in freezing cold temperatures serving food and drinks and some even Beer along the way.  I mean these people didn’t have to come out of the comfort of their warm houses and warm beds, but they chose to get out there and cheer us on and it was emotionally moving to say the least.

So when I decided that in 2014 I wanted to complete a few life changing things on my bucket list before I turn 40, running a full marathon was at the top of my list and when I thought about what race I wanted to run the DONNA won out over all other events.

So this week I received even more exciting to me about this amazing race event!  This week I received notification that I was named as one of its Inaugural Team Members to their Ambassador Program for 2014 and I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity!

What does this mean exactly!? Well, I will be receiving more information soon about what all this honor entails, but I couldn’t wait to share this exciting news with all my followers!

Breast Cancer MarathonAre you looking for a marathon or half marathon to run in early 2013??  Consider checking out and joining the fight against breast cancer with the 26.2 to Finish Breast Cancer with Donna event in Jacksonville, FL on February 23, 2014.

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