The Color RunIR4CarlyHow better to start Fall Race Season than with a stress free #Happy5K!?!  Last Saturday, I did just that!  I participated in the Tallahassee Color Run which was not timed and was all about  having fun.  No clocks, no pressure, nothing but all smiles and a HECK-OF-A-LOT of color.  I also pen-inked my arm with my “Color Me 4 Carly” note for my little one that I run for.  I think this would have been such a fun run to do with her and her family if they lived closer to me.

Pre Race ColorSaturday morning started off like any typical race morning, making sure that I was up and ready to head out the door in plenty of time to pick up my race partner and this time her daughter that would be participating in the run with us and to make it to the venue in plenty of time to park, snap some great group shots and some fun shots with people that we knew at the run.  It was nice to be stress free at a run for the first time in a very long time.  There was music and lots of silly outfits and most of all just a general air of excitement.

The pictures from the run do it more justice than a bunch of words about it, so here are some of my favorite shots from Saturday.

Pre Race Photo OpFinish the Run Whatever it TakesIn Run Photo OpsTallahassee MRTT at The Color RunInspiring FollowersColor Run Color BlastFinish LinePost Color RunColor Run Unconquored

Cannot BreatheI truly had so much fun at this run and it was my longest time ever at an hour and eight minutes, but totally worth every single lasting second.  We ended up getting most of our color at the post-race stage where they kept throwing out bags of color for an impromptu color blast.  At some points it was almost overwhelming and hard to catch your breath for all the powder in the air, but totally fun and worth it nonetheless.  I would say this had to be one of the most expensive 5k runs that I have participated in, but it ended up being so fun that I totally forgot about my pre-race complaints about the fee.  If you have a chance to participate in The Color Run I would say go for it!  Get a group of your best running buddies together and prepare for an hour of fun and plan to stick around post-race for the extra Color Fun!Finish Line Shot

6 thoughts on “The #Happiest5K – The Tallahassee Color Run – Let the Photos do the talkin’

  1. I’ve been afraid to try a color run because of breathing in all that color! But it looks like you had fun! If I ever do one, I’d probably wear a bandana like that! I lived in Tallahassee for 2 years and went to FSU, so I love your picture in front of the statue!

    1. Awesome Bethany! GO NOLES! Yes, I was also worried about breathing the powder but the bandana helped a lot. Most of my after color came from the color blast party we decided to stay for at the end. Otherwise, it really is not that bad or it wasn’t at ours. Certainly worth checking out.

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