Orange Mud HydraQuiverTruth be told, I have struggled to find the right hydration gear for training runs and races over the past couple of years.  I even gave in last year and purchased the hydration belt, which my husband aptly calls my runner “utility belt” for laughs.  But as a runner that struggles in the heat and really needs to have water on runs I just wasn’t feeling that hydration belt anymore.  It is just uncomfortable and I have actually gotten cuts across my stomach and ruined shirts from the velcro strap.  So when I began this year’s 4 race trail run series, I found an ad for Orange Mud and the backpack system they call the HydraQuiver.  A little reluctant, because I have even tried the Cambelbak products and was not happy with them, I ordered what they call the single barrel hydration pack and I’m going to tell you, I LOVE THIS THING!

I have run with it twice in the past week, since I was on vacation immediately after it was delivered, and while I was a bit apprehensive about how the straps may rub and the bottle may jostle around, I really really like it!  Here’s my rundown review!

The Features – Single Barrel Pack Capacity is 54 cubic inches and the total weight is 304 grams (less than 1 pound).  It is Made in the USA of breathable nylon and has secure zippered storage with headphone port for listening to your music source while running.  The HydraQuiver Single Barrel pack accommodates a 24 oz squeeze bottle (BPA free bottle is included with purchase).  The strap storage pockets accommodate up to 8 gel packs per side for in-run fueling with velcro closure to secure them from falling out.

The Cost – The HydraQuiver Single Barrel Pack is $84.95 plus shipping based on your location.

The Colors – It is currently available in Black, Gray, Orange, Tan and Pink and the logo is reflective on your back.

The Fit – I was pleasantly surprised at how well the pack fit.  No adjusting throughout my run or readjusting straps needed.  I was apprehensive since there is nothing really between you and the straps that go under your arm, but surprisingly (and I have really sensitive skin) I have had no irritation using the pack during my longer runs which is an added bonus for me!

The Mid Run Hydration Attempt – When I hydrated the first time I did stop and walk to get the feel for how easily (or not) the water bottle would go back into the holster, but after getting a feel for where it was on my back I have had no issues continuing to hydrate while running and replacing the bottle to its holster.

HydraQuiver PackOverall Review – Though I have given several thoughts above on how it fit and rehydrating while in motion, I have to say there is so much more that is awesome about this little pack.  Even though the cost is a little high at $84.95, it is totally worth it to me.  I was going through armbands every few months and wearing hydration belts at the same time.  With the HydraQuiver, everything goes in one pack and you are done!  My iPhone zips in the large storage pocket and the headphone port lets my earbuds feed through and there is still more room for other items that may be needed for storage to fit in the pocket.  The water bottle capacity is just enough for my 7-10 mile runs and I will most likely upgrade to the double barrel pack next.  I love the easy access fuel storage pockets for holding quick fuel options.  Lastly, I must give credit to the design of the pack because I feel like it also assists with good posture in aiding in keeping my shoulders back instead of hunching over once I get tired on my run.  That’s a really big deal to me as my mileage goes up I tend to lose good form from fatigue.  And again, I LOVE THIS LITTLE HYDRATION CREATION!

Orange Mud LogoSo there you have it!  My review on my little pack that DOES (it all!)  Want to check out the Orange Mud HydraQuiver for yourself?  You can order directly from their website and don’t forget to follow them on social media to stay up to date on new products and sales available!  They have so many other products available for purchase on their website for use in hiking, backpacking, running and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding).

**Disclaimer – This post was partially sponsored by Orange Mud**