The last couple of weeks hitting the pavement after a couple of months without it consuming my weeks has certainly been a road to regaining my endurance.  Though, as we runners know, our sport is a use it or lose it when it comes to maintaining the ability to push through those tough and sometimes horrible runs.  I say about 1 in 5 runs for me is good and I am happy to take that any week because it is better than no run at all.

This week I started out with a 5 mile loop run that I truly love because the first 3 miles are a challenge with back to back hills and then the last 2 miles are downhill and flat (well, with one doozie hill at the end) and it can be accomplished in an hour or less.  As I hit the road with some of my MRTT (Moms RUN This Town) Mamas on Monday morning, I felt good.  I had pushed through all the hills and then the humidity and dehydration set in and I was not prepared.  Thankfully one of my friends ran ahead and grabbed some water at the store at the corner for me and I had to resort to a walk/run for the last couple of miles.  I knew better than to run without water, but I was rushing and left the house anyway without it to make sure I was not late to meet everyone.  From now on, anything over 3 miles and I will have water in hand or my hydration belt.  It’s just not worth it to feel sick the rest of the day due to dehydration.

MRTT Quickie RunSo this morning I hit the pavement again with a few different MRTT Mamas for a quick 3-miler and I knew this was going to be my “good” run and it turned out to be great!  I pushed up a hill that I had to walk in the previous weeks and even circled the building when I got back to the parking lot to get my 3 miles in.  Unstoppable, sometimes we must push through the pain and awful runs to get to UNSTOPPABLE!  For me, pace is just a number, but quality good run, yeah I’ll take that over a fast time any day!

This weekend I hope to get a few miles in as I travel to Pensacola for my next certification in Piloxing, but if not I’ll be ready for my trail run bright and early Sunday morning with some smiling faces!

Today’s encouraging words for you as we are entering the summer heat runs, stay hydrated, be prepared and NEVER QUIT!  Don’t let one or two bad runs ruin your love for our sport!

Until next time, swift feet and happy miles! xo

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