20130722-134209.jpgThose that follow me or see my Facebook page posts know that I love to share inspiring quotes. A little daily Pick.Me.Up for those that need it. A little OOMPH to get going and to help stay on track. A lot of those days posting those inspiring posts are about all I can muster. Yes, we the bloggers, here to help inspire you while holding ourselves accountable also suffer from the occasional lack of motivation to push through, pick ourselves up, to overcome our fears and to go just for it!

So when I got the opportunity to get in on the products offered by The Universe Knows, Inc. I was more than excited! I love enjoying my morning cup(s) of Mint Tea to get me going and then the afternoon tea to help me through the afternoon slump. But now while I get my morning “cup-o-tea” I can enjoy some words of encouragement that, let’s face it, often times are hard to find in the negative social media posts and news feeds. Little phrases make me thankful for each day set before me to accomplish dreams, defy odds and work on being the best I can be and project positive energy while doing it. The Universe Knows, Inc. is helping me do just that with their products and for that I say, THANK YOU!


A little background about The Universe Knows!

you are what you wear.

the universe knows, inc. is an apparel company dedicated to inspiring people. the company was founded on and is dedicated to a unique vision:

to remind people of the wisdom that resides within, and inspire strength and courage to live with passion and purpose.

we created Inspiration Wear® because we believe that each thought we have and each action we take influences a link in a universal chain of events. our pearls™ (of wisdom) motivate, drive introspection and remind us to live as our best selves and be mindful of our passion.

trust your wisdom. share your gift. stretch your boundary. the rewards will be most gratifying – this the universe knows.

Here is what I received from The Universe Knows, Inc. to keep me going!


be the change hoodiebe the change. – Their super soft hoodie in the color brick with the words “be the change” as inspired by Mohandas (Mahatma) K. Gandhi. Live the words of motivation, it is such an important part, in my opinion, to following your heart and inspiring others to be better, do better and live better.

notice the messages mugnotice the messages. – As I said, I love enjoying a cup of hot mint tea to wind down or to relax during a long day. It helps calm my spirit and motivation to push through my day. This weekend I enjoyed a nice cup of organic ice cream after a virtual run event, what better way to enjoy a treat after a run than in an inspirational cup to remind you to stop and enjoy. Sometimes I find this one of the hardest tasks to complete during my day.

cherish the journey journalcherish the journey. – The Journal, one of my favorite items I received in my package. While I try to cherish the journey every day, sometimes it is a difficult thing to do. We spend so much time working, writing, exercising and we do not take the time to cherish the little moments. In 10 days my husband and I will be embarking on a 2 week hiking, backpacking and camping cross-country vacation to wrap up our summer. This vacation change was spawned from or original plan of an Alaska wilderness trip being canceled due to our travel companions medical emergency. Instead we will take 2 weeks and drive cross-country and enjoy the grand spots of nature along the way. Backpacking and out-n-back camping will be among the many things we enjoy on this trip. I am excited to be able to document the special moments of this excursion with my husband through writing in my journal. Something I find always hard, writing in an actual journal instead of on the computer, this will allow me to keep a memento of special moments that we will have together that will not be shared on the 2-week adventure blog I have planned.

Want to checkout for yourself what The Universe Knows has to offer? Head over to their webpage and give them a look. They have very affordable gifts, apparel, kids items and leather-bound inspiration items and much more! You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see what new things they are bringing to their line of products and to find a little inspiration for yourself.

** Disclaimer – I was sent products from The Universe Knows in return for this blog post. While I was compensated with product, all opinions and suggestions are my own. – Tammy Means


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